Monthly Archives: December 2006

Strength and Weightlifting

Even disregarding the “internet experts” who are usually individuals either not involved in weightlifting or only pheripherally involved still leaves some disagreement among actual coaches as to the relationship between the strength exercises and the competitive lifts.

One of the concepts that I have heard that I disagree with is the idea of “reserve strength”. I have heard respected people pose the rhetorical question “what is wrong with pushing the squat and pull up to the point that the athlete has a little bit of reserve strength?”. Continue reading

Strength and the OTC

A popular question in certain circles is “what is wrong with the training of American weightlifters”, the assumption being that at least some of the blame for us not doing well on the international level falls on stupid American coaches who just dont get it.

In quite a few internet forums there is now a common theme, that American weightlifters arent strong enough and stupid American coaches dont work hard enough on improving maximal strength. Continue reading

The training weight

Most weightlifting programs rely at least partially on percentages to determine the weights used in training on various days. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but I believe that for many athletes, especially those at the level of novice or advanced, percentages should not be the last word in choosing the weight to train with. Continue reading