40 and loving it…

Today, I got really frustrated in the gym. Really frustrated. So I went home and told the household that I would be back tomorrow night. Since i live in Northern California, I had a few choices. Go to Lake Tahoe, and take one of my athletes up on their offer to use their cabin on the lake for the weekend. Find a beach and camp out on it, lol. Or drive about 3 hours and go to Yosemite national park. I thought about Tahoe but was worried I’d end up in Reno, been to the beach 3 weekends in a row, so, Yosemite it is. In a Motel right outside the park tonight, gonna hike up to the waterfalls tomorrow, really looking forward to all the beauty I will see tomorrow. But sitting here trying to settle down, wash the frustration of the week away, and, I was suddenly struck by the fact that I was 40 years old. 40 fucking years old. wow. I don’t see 40 when I look in the mirror. I don’t feel 40. I am searching for ways to make me feel better about being 40, and here is the idea that works. When I am 50, I am going to look back, and think to myself, man, 90% of the accomplishments of my life took place between the ages of 40 and 50. Yes i want to kick the living hell out of the next decade. I want to tear it up! Here is a picture of me, today, at 40 years old. As usual i had a little fun with the effects, but, its me.


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