Mack the bulldog

Life is funny. Sometimes what you thought was a negative will soon show itself as a positive. Sometimes things that seemed to be the best thing ever will later make you curse the day they happened. But if you wait long enough, most things work out.

Most people have weaknesses. Often, with enough work and perserverence these weaknesses can be turned into positives. Most people have more strengths than they realize. Only with time and tribulation will this become apparent.

The world changes. Adaptation becomes more important than mastery of one set paradigm. Success is not forever, and neither is failure. Both are a step on a long road, and not a final outcome.

On a personal note, my life has changed so often over the last 20 years its incredible. 20 years ago I could not have imagined where I am right now. I was in college going after a degree in education, hoping to be a high school history teacher. I was engaged to a woman I am now divorced from. I had no children and was wondering if I was cut out to be a dad. I wanted nothing to do with business in any way after watching my parents struggle with their business. I shied away from coaching after having much frustration getting my points across to those who asked me for help.

Maybe the only true secret to life is endurance.

As I was writing all this, my dog came up and licked me and whined a little when I didn’t immedietly pet him, and the thought occured to me that about the only thing I have ever been able to count on 100% for the last 20 years or so was that my dogs loved me. First Ruger, the blue tick coonhound I had when I was in middle school. Then the redbone hound I had in high school that followed me everywhere, even when I didnt want her too. Then Murphy, the basset hound I got when I was in college. We always joked that he was our first child. Then Maggie, the lab/border collie mix I got around age 33, the dog who was as close as any dog can be to being the mother of my children, lol. Now Mack, Mack the bulldog, the one who came and licked me a few minutes ago.

A man could do much worse than to have had a few good dogs. Unlike most other things in life, you can count on them loving you no matter what.


One response to “Mack the bulldog

  • Wilmar Dumaop

    Mr. Pendlay, your blog is awesome. Best of luck to your lifters and hope your business with the Pendlay products continues to go well. I’ve been rocking the 2010 shoes since last year when I first learned how to squat. Still going strong!

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