Doing what hurts

I was watching Jon squat today, or rather listening to him whine as he squatted, and it occurred to me that no one likes to work on what they don’t do well. Not exactly a mind blowing revelation, as this has been noticed and commented on about a billion times across every area of life on planet earth. And of course I have known it to be true for a long time, but today, Jon got me thinking about it. And in particular thinking about what I don’t like to do and avoid doing.

I am not good at confrontations and I don’t like arguing. I avoid it to a fault. It has caused me a great deal of harm in life. I would be much better off if I confronted things head on instead of avoiding confrontation in hopes that it would just magically go away. Be it in a job or business, personal life, or as a coach or athlete, I have always taken the path that avoided confrontation as long as it could have been avoided. Sometimes this is good. Often it is not. Taken too far it can lead to all sorts of bad things. This is meaningful to me because I am facing a big and meaningful confrontation in my life. You have to do what you have to do, even if it hurts.

Although the picture doesn’t fit the blog, I used it because it definately doesn’t hurt to look at. This is a nice Irish girl I met while I was in Dublin, who wants to be a weightlifter.


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