Love What You Do

Here and there I watch the show “Top Gear”. I like the show because its from the BBC, which means it’s funny, and it’s about cars, which means it’s interesting. The thing I really like about it is that the guys hosting seem like real life gear heads. I can imagine them helping me put headers on my ’66 Chevelle back in high school and enjoying the hell out of it. They not only test out cool cars like the Ford GT, they seem to have just as much fun driving an economy car around the track as fast as they can. I get the feeling that these guys work all day making this show about cars, then go home and maybe read car magazines before supper, talk to their wives about the family car during supper, watch TV shows about cars after supper, then dream about cars while they sleep.

They are obviously having fun and love what they are doing. A lot of folks who are successful share this, loving what they do. Kelly Starrett is a pretty highly regarded DPT. I knew this before I took the guys to see him, after watching him work I think I know why he is so good, he absolutely love it! The guy is so enthusiastic, so upbeat, I he just cannot NOT love what he is doing. And I would guess its this more than anything else that makes him the best there is at it. I never have to convince Donny Shankle to train. Sometimes I have to beg him to stop. He loves the process of pushing himself and molding himself into what he wants to be. It’s what makes him who he is. I have known a couple of people who have been successful in business, they share this trait also. They love the game. They are not the ones trudging to and from the office each day dreaming of being out on a boat somewhere, they are anxious to get to work because they love what they do.

I am glad I love what i do, because someday I would love to be as good at what I do as the hosts of the show Top Gear, Kelly Starrett, or Donny Shankle are at what they do. Or Warren Buffett for that matter.


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