Moving Forward

If you ask most people what is the scariest thing about zombies, they will state the obvious problem of them wanting to eat your brains. While this has some merit, I have to disagree.

The really terrifying thing about zombies is that they just keep moving forward. You cannot reason with them, you can’t bargain with them, you can’t scare them.

You could offer a zombie free brains for life if he would just spare you, it wouldn’t matter, he would just keep coming at you, mindlessly fixated on YOUR brains. You could stand there with what is generally recognized as the ultimate anti-zombie weapon, a 12 gauge pump shotgun and say, “zombie, if you keep it up, I am gonna shoot you” and he will just keep coming at you. If 10 zombies are coming at you, you can blow the heads off of 9 of them and the last one standing will not be scared or intimidated, he will just keep coming forward and if you run out of ammo or your gun jams, he will eat your brains.

You just don’t ever see a zombie running away or even stopping, they just keep shuffling forward to eat your brains no matter what.

I think we can all learn something from the zombie. One of the most terrifying creatures to ever walk the earth, and one of the main reasons that it strikes fear into our hearts is the absolute inevitability of its advance. You simply cannot stop a zombie from moving forward short of shotgun induced decapitation. I mean think about it, you can blow its legs off or cut it in half, and the zombie will still crawl towards you, trailing his guts behind him in the dirt. Scary stuff and it’s no wonder many people take precautions against zombie outbreaks.

A man with this attitude is very scary opposition in any walk of life. A weightlifter with this attitude is terrifying. Always right behind you, shuffling forward. Doesn’t have to be moving fast (you have never seen a zombie run, have you?), just as long as he is moving forward. You take a break, he passes you. You get hurt, he passes you. You have a bad week of training, he has added 1kg to his total and is closing the distance. He is moving forward. Always moving forward, like a force of nature. Like a zombie.

I think there are many times when athletes can benefit from the example of the zombie. When things are tough, when you want to take a break, when it might be easier to stop, just turn your mind off and keep moving forward. It’s what the zombie would do.


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