I Will Go Down With This Ship

Although not usually a big fan of pop music, I read the lyrics of a song by Dido called White Flag, and they kind of stuck with me. She says she loves someone who has left her, and that she will keep loving him regardless of the fact that he has left her, that she will not stop no matter what. She says she will “go down with this ship”. She will die loving him no matter what he does.

Many people love things, love one or another thing a lot. But, they could live without these things. But we all have a very few things which simply define us, things without which we just cannot be ourselves. We all have a ship we would go down with.

What defines you? What is your particular ship?

Sometimes this is a hard question. When I asked myself the question, I had to think about it a bit.

I have to thank Audrey, a single mother recently deprived of her two daughters, for helping me to think deeply about this. She recently was forced to think about this type of thing, and came to the right conclusions. In coming to the conclusions that she did, she found herself a stronger and better person.

What does this have to do with weightlifting and athletics? Well, nothing direct. Nothing except that you have to have LOVE in your heart to really, really totally commit to something. You cannot fully commit and fulfill your potential without LOVE in your heart for whatever it is that you are doing. No one waves the White Flag and goes down with a ship without a heart full of love. Thank you Audrey for showing me this.

I know what I love, do you?


4 responses to “I Will Go Down With This Ship

  • Laurie Smith

    Love that song. Everyone has something they love. It’s what drives us forward.

  • Your Monthly Moment of Zen # 21 | The Iron Samurai

    […] is important enough in your life that it “defines” you, that you truly love.  Would you go down with that ship? What does this have to do with weightlifting and athletics? Well, nothing direct. Nothing except […]

  • edmonton furnace cleaning

    It’s fantastic that you are getting ideas from this article as well as from our discussion made here.

  • Peter Sakalaukus Sr

    My ship is and always has been working out. Long story short, I have a neuro-muscular disease that first attacked me at 25. I had been in the infantry for 8 years and LOVED the physical challenge. In spite of being able to work out only occasionally (it can take me weeks to recover from a “good” workout) – at the age of 53, I’m still at it – and still paying the price for it. In the words of a great philosopher – “I ams what I ams” (Popeye ;))

    I am going to to try your progressive 5*5. Maybe I’ll be able to recover better.

    Love your writings, information. Thank you for being you.

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