The Grand Prix

With the end of registration less than 2 weeks away, I would like to encourage those who have not yet entered to think again about coming to this event! I have heard a number of people tell me that they have decided not to participate because they “are not good enough” for this big of a meet, or that they “have no chance”. Both statements could not be further from the truth.

For one thing, there is more to the Grand Prix series than getting prize money. These meets are more than just a weightlifting contest, they are an event! This preliminary sets the stage for the full series next year (3 preliminary events and one finale) where there will be free technique clinics, various fun and spectator friendly contests outside of lifting, cookouts, $50,000 of prize money, various media coverage, and the very, very real chance of ending with the finale on TV! In fact, in this upcoming event, I will compete against Brad Hess in a 500 meter rowing contest, and will likely puke my guts up for the enjoyment of all spectators.

This is a very ambitious effort to promote Olympic lifting in the good old US of A, and to help popularize it with the masses. Come and support the sport whether or not you think you might walk away with any cash. And if you are a rank beginner? Come eat some BBQ with us, interact with some of the best coaches around, get a few pointers, get some experience on the platform, and above all, have FUN! We are very serious about providing beginners with the absolute best experience possible, so if you are a beginner entering your first or second meet, you WILL walk away a better lifter. I guarantee it.

Oh, and about the prize money? Have you noticed that because of the date, the lifters on the world team will be unable to participate? It’s my guess that of the 10 lifters walking away with cash, several will be in the category that came “even though they had no chance”.

So come on out to Charlotte for an event you will tell your grandchildren about. Well, maybe not, but at least you will tell your children. If you have them, that is.

And last but not least, I encourage all the bloggers that read this to SHARE IT! Put it on your blog word for word, link it, use part of it, I don’t care, just get the word out. Those with a facebook following, same to you! Get the word out and see you in Charlotte.


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