I find your lack of faith… Disturbing.

For many lifters, sticking with the program is a difficult task. Beginners seem to have a particular problem with this, and it’s understandable. Everything is changing fairly fast. One day snatches feel natural; the next the bar goes everywhere except where it’s supposed to go. On Monday you might stand up with your clean easily on every rep. On Wednesday you might be catching a bit forward and struggle to stand up, or even fail to stand up with weights that were easy two days ago. Of course the temptation is to want to work extra hard on the snatch after a sub-par day of snatching, do extra front squatting after you have a day or two when the cleans are hard to stand up with, or to change your training plan or even your whole philosophy after a bad week or two.

But giving in to temptation is almost always wrong. Assuming you are following a well balanced program to begin with, have some faith. The road to the top is always filled with curves, and the road will only get longer if you jump around from one thing to another in your training. A good solid belief in what you are doing and a willingness to stay the course and put the required amount of work will get you to the finish line a lot quicker than changing your training program every time you hit a bump in the road. If you can’t do this, then just like Darth Vader, I find your lack of faith disturbing.


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