Swing the Bat

One of the best baseball players ever was Babe Ruth. I would not guess I am gonna get a lot of argument there. He hit a lot of home runs. He also struck out a lot. Christmas morning did not happen every time he toed the plate. Yet, he kept swinging. And from the little I know about the Babe, he didn’t let strikeouts hurt his confidence at all. He kept swinging.

In my 40+ years on planet earth, I have observed a few things and maybe even learned a thing or two. Or maybe not, but I am going with the idea that I have. Everyone fails. Everyone. I have failed so many times that listing them all here would be pointless. If I thought about all the times, I would no doubt just consider myself a failure and quit. My one redeeming quality is that I have kept swinging.

The Olympic lifter I most admire, Donny Shankle, has had is share of failures, bad meets, and years with no progress. Yet he is heading to Paris for the world championships tomorrow, in probably the best shape of his life. And he is mighty close to making the Olympic team for 2012. Why? Cause he kept swinging. And, eventually he is gonna hit it out of the park. But the ball ain’t gonna clear the fence if you don’t swing.

Most people who succeed in a spectacular way have one thing in common. A history of failure. Often failure of the sort that would make the average guy stop swinging. But they didn’t, and eventually they hit the home run.

My friends, when things don’t go your way, just keep swinging the bat. Work, relationships, and training. Swing your bat. Just show up and do your absolute best.


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