Grand Prix Debriefing

The first thing someone asked me when I returned from the Grand Prix was “How did it go?”. After a few seconds of thought, I replied that we had given away $10,000 to the lifters, even the very last session started exactly on time, and who the money went to wasn’t decided till the last few lifts. What more is there to say?

Well, actually there are a few things, which I will cover now. In the womens competition Berube and Mangold looked like favorites for 1st and 2nd, with Zimmerman in position to challenge if either one of them had a bad day. Leathers, Taylor, Greenburg and Farmer looked in the running for the 4th and 5th spots. Farmer established a 180 and change sinclair with her second attempt clean and jerk early in the A session which looked like it might hang on for 5th or even 4th place. Greenburg bested this by half a sinclair point on her second attempt, and Farmer tried to come back and take the lead with her 3rd attempt but was not successful. At this point Greenburg looked like she had a good chance of hanging on to 5th place and finishing in the money. Heavier lifters Taylor and Leathers made things interesting, with Leathers only making two attempts at the snatch and Taylor making 3 good attempts and ending with a 76kg snatch that was an 8kg competition PR. At this point, I would have guessed the order of 4th 5th and 6th to be Taylor, Leathers, and Greenburg, in that order, with everyone moving up a place if one of the top 3 faltered. Taylor came out and beat Greenburg’s sinclair with her opener clean and jerk, assuring her of at least 5th place, as did Leathers. This put Greenburg in 6th place out of the money unless someone bombed. Taylor made 2 clean and jerks ending in 90, for a huge competition PR before Leathers showed why she was an Olympion, going 3 for 3 on the clean and jerk ending with a solid 95 and finishing ahead of Taylor on sinclair. Zimmerman made 3 lifts, but would have only needed her openers to land solidly in 3rd place. Berube put 4 attempts together to take a big lead with a sinclair of 245 and change, then sat and waited to see if she walked home with $2000 or $1200. Mangold used her second attempt clean and jerk to add a 137 to her 109 snatch for a total of 246, and a sinclair of the same. So, $2000 for Mangold, $1200 for Berube, $800 for Zimmerman, $600 for Leathers, and $400 for Taylor. And, a very exciting sesssion for the audience!

The A session for the men was the last session. The top 3 were obviously North, Bruce, and Williams. They looked VERY even coming in, with no one really in a position to challenge them for the top 3 spots without anything extraordinary happening. Cerbus, Cornell, Moorman, Earnst and Bourgeois all looked in it for 4th and 5th places. Cerbus and Bourgeois clean and jerked first, and Cerbus added a 156 to his 134 snatch to put up a sinclair that looked like it might be in the money at 367 and change. Bourgeois put up a 157 but only added it to a 124 snatch for a sinclair of 352 and change that looked pretty iffy for the top 5. Williams put up a 127 snatch going 3 for 3, and did the same 3 for 3 performance in the clean and jerk ending with an unofficial American record 164. This gave him a 388 and change sinclair off of a 291 total weighing within the 69kg class. Ernst tried a 172 Kilo clean and jerk to put him ahead of Bourgeois and give him hope of $$ at the end and failed, then Cornell tried a 173kg attempt to do the same thing and succeeded. Bruce and North both opened at 175 very solidly, Bruce moving to 180 for his second and North moving to 182 again both successfully. Bruce moved to 184kg and also made this to topple Williams on sinclair by 1 point. Spencer opened at 185kg very solidly to get himself on the board before North tried 190 to go into the lead ahead of both Williams and Bruce. He failed, leaving him in 3rd place. Moorman made a solid 192 opener before taking a shot at the Junior American record with an attempt at 204kg, which he shouldered but could not complete. So, final results were Bruce $2000, Williams $1200, North $800, Cerbus $600, and Cornell $400.

So there it is folks. Can’t wait for the next one!


One response to “Grand Prix Debriefing

  • Jahed Momand

    Hi Coach Pendlay,

    I am in the South Bay and I was looking for your help in finding a good Olympic lifting coach. I would just come to CalStrength myself but the 30 mi trip each way in addition to my commute makes it difficult. I’m looking for a long-term 1-on-1 type deal, and was wondering if you had any names in mind. I train at Crossfit OneWorld currently (not a CF’er though), Angela Lim is their resident Oly coach, FYI.

    I also friended you on facebook, so you can respond there too if you like, or in this thread. Thanks a lot for your time.

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