Ya’ gotta eat!

You can’ quite see it in the picture, but Donny is just about to threaten Tom Sroka with his knife if Tom moves any closer, or keeps staring at his plate. We don’t screw around at lunch time, and Tom, at 290lbs, is not one to to ignore. Tom is trying to gain weight, and is always a threat at mealtime.

When you are really training hard, you have to eat. A lot, and all of it good food. Nutrient dense, and much of it calorie dense. Meat, and lot’s of it is what is on the menu at Cal Strength between morning and afternoon training sessions. I have to say, I can grill the hell out of a steak or tri-tip, and we keep a grill at the gym just for this purpose.

But seriously, if you are not able to train hard consistently, or don’t recover well, look to your diet, right after you look at your sleep patterns. If you sleep well, it is usually your diet. Eat more meat. Everyone feels more manly with a belly full of beef. As we say here, Ya’ gotta eat! When there is meat on the table, Ya’ gotta get in there!!!


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