He would have been a hell of a weightlifter

Mithridates the Great would have been a great weightlifter. For one thing, he was evidently a very big guy, well over 6 feet tall. Some estimate 3 or 4 inches over. Some say more. Plus, he evidently was a great eater. Legend has it that he once challenged his whole army to an eating contest, and beat them all. Then challenged the wrestling champion of his army to a wresting match, and beat him. He was apparently impervious to poison, and, the best looking guy around also. Women loved him.

Some say that he once strapped a large knife to his “manly parts” to hide it when going into what was supposedly a peaceful negotiation, then was able to pull it out to counter his opponent who also smuggled a knife into the negotiation. Could you do that?

A big guy, a bad dude, with a great appetite. Good looking and quite the man. How much could he have clean and jerked? We will never know.


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