The Versatile Vest.

A vest is a pretty useful thing. You will see guys up north out shoveling snow or chopping wood in their quilted vests, a bit of extra warmth while leaving the arms free to work. Most trades have vests that are specially made to stow their gear on while keeping it handy, The military uses them heavily for this reason. If you go fly fishing, you don’t wear a fly fishing jacket, you wear a fly fishing Vest. And the guy in the picture? Well you just know he is about to relax and listen to some tunes. He wold be chilly in just his shirt, but a bit too warm in a jacket. The vest is just right.

Another great variation on the vest is the weight vest. You can use it to add resistance and difficulty to all sorts of footwork drills and different jumping or plyo workouts, like these…

Most vests that work good for skinny guys like that won’t also work for a big guy, but MDUSA vest does, here is 285lb Spencer Moorman wearing the exact same vest as the skinny kid in the video.


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