Staying Alive

Whether or not the zombies come in our lifetime, more and more people seem to be interested in attaining the physical skills needed to survive a breakdown in society. The possible scenarios are limitless, and it is impossible to know exactly what will prove to be the difference between life and death, or even safety and security or the lack of it. But we can certainly try, and it seems good odds that a stronger, better conditioned person will have the advantage.

Thus the rise of training programs based on training for survival in a lawless world. My problem with most of these programs is that, well, I think they are going about it all wrong! The first problem I have is that many such programs now in existence are infamous for their injury rate. You know what, I will give an untrained slob better odds in a tough situation than an elite athlete with a ruptured achilles and a rotator cuff tear. In fact, even everyday tasks, and the simple enjoyment of say, a walk in the park with the dog or playing with the kids are gonna be easier for the slob than the injured athlete. And isn’t that a very nice side effect of being ready for the zombies? Just being able to cope better with everyday life?

The second problem I have is the rush, the absolute rush to be ready TOMOROW. Lets lift and run and jump at a frantic pace, hell let’s push till we puke! Other than this attitude contributing to the injuries, it is also based on a false premise, that it is even POSSIBLE to be ready tomorrow. Look, if you have been sitting on your ass at a desk and making excuses about going to the gym for a decade, your not going to turn yourselves into Bruce Campbell by next Tuesday.

Well then, what to do? Well, first thing is to admit a few things. The first is that you are a fat slob and will likely die if anything really disruptive happens in society. The second is that you are not gonna cure that in a week or two, its gonna take a few months to make a real difference. The third is that you are not training to be an ELITE athlete, and trying to do so is likely to result in an injury that will really cramp your style whether the zombies come or not.

So what is needed? A decent program which puts a premium on staying uninjured, yet can over a number of months increase your survival odds in an emergency, as well as giving you that nice little side effect we all want to enjoy, being more healthy, stronger, and more fit to handle the little things that come up in everyday life. And just able to enjoy life more.

We will cover the first month’s programming in the next installment of this series…

3 responses to “Staying Alive

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  • Kristi

    I have been thinking of this for awhile now (Definitely not dimmed by the release of the Hunger Games) and I totally agree with you. I would also like to see something like this that also teaches natural healing and nutrition information regarding growing plants etc. Have you seen that show about people who build the bunkers for the apocolypse? Well, more than 1/2 the people featured are obese! Chances are they’re going to devour all their stocked canned food in a fortnight. To be honest this idea alone has motivated me to become more active. And ps. I agree with your ‘pissed’ post; I work in an office where 90% of the people are overweight and I (who is of normal BMI) have been asked if I’m anorexic or am constantly told I should eat a burger. well, compaired to the person asking, I’m sure I do LOOK anorexic. Anyways, you’ve inspired me to write a post on my blog about this, and also regarding some of the points you made. I hope you don’t mind if I link your post to my blog.

  • The Joyless Vegan

    I agree with you about the attitude that once we decide we must be fit, it must happen NOW! I think that is why things like Cross-Fit are so popular…people think intense training yields faster results, when more likely the overuse and overtraining these programs endorse will simply result in injury. Bleah…

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