I’m Pissed PART II

I think I hit a nerve yesterday. This little blog has limped along for the past year getting from 200 to a couple of thousand hits per day on posts about weightlifting, strength training, zombies, the occasional nice meal I cooked, or some amusing or meaningful thing that happened to me.

Then yesterday I posted that I was pissed about the whole diet situation in America and the post gets 17,000 hits within 24 hours and more comments than all the other posts I have put up within the past year put together.

I think some people misinterpreted just why I am so pissed. I got comments about people being free to do what they want and eat what they want, free choice, and some people apparently mad that I want to tell them what to do. And that wasn’t my point at all.

My point is this. We have two things that have happened in this country, that are still happening. One is that we overproduce foods that aren’t that great for us. And this overproduction is, by the way, subsidized by our tax dollars. This makes these products very cheap, and therefore they are everywhere. Hell it’s amazing all the shit that corn syrup finds its way into. The second is that we have been told for some time by the mainstream nutrition industry to eat a certain way, a way that emphasizes these cheap foods. Don’t eat too many egg yolks. Butter is bad but margarine is better. Cholesterol will kill you, but eating other oils dominated by Omega-6 fatty acids is healthy. Base your diet on carbohydrates and grains. Cut out the fat if you want to lose weight. It’s ok that our beef and our eggs have all the Omega-3’s sucked out of them because of the way they are raised.

And these things taken together have fundamentally changed the average American diet over the last few decades. We eat less fat, and saturated fat. We eat more carbohydrates, and more sugar. We eat more processed food, and less vegetables. More hydrogenated oils and less butter.

And it’s killing us. More of us are fat and have diabetes than ever before. Hell is is hard to find any health marker that is related to diet that has not gotten worse as our diet has changed. I read today that 23% of American teenagers have prediabetic symptoms. That is simply criminal.

And it’s this situation that I am pissed at. Not at any individual person, or their decision. Those that commented on yesterdays post by saying that everyone has a right to eat how they want are right. But there is no doubt that we have a situation in this country that is making the average American diet less and less healthy, and, that pisses me off.

But what to do? I am not gonna be able to change the USDA nutritional guidelines. I am not gonna be able to change the governments farm policy. And I don’t really fancy protesting at the local McDonalds or 7-11.

So what to do?

I don’t have any big answers. No big solution to solve the problem.

But Part III is set for tomorrow.


64 responses to “I’m Pissed PART II

  • nkanter

    What you do…is change your house. Try to talk to your friends and family and get them to understand what you believe the truth is. Bring along those you love on this journey. When people see the change that really eating well can do for them…the truth can spread like wildfire.

  • Jessica Salzone

    I guess all we can do is spread the word, keep people informed and hope that we will all band together and do the right thing. I guess the general population will find it hard to lose the convenience of our processed food, farming techniques and the like. Also the cost of doing the right thing. In the long run we have so much to gain

  • mensikovas

    exercise your given right…. vote with your dollar … that’s what you can do… start there and it will flow outward for others to see.

  • kalel35

    Glenn I have been thinking about this a LOT lately, so I personally couldn’t have agreed more with Part I (or Part II). Isn’t it ironic…that the Gov subsidizes crappy food, so it is inexpensive, people buy the cheap food to save money, get sick from it, and then give that money back TENfold in medical expense (which is ridiculously overpriced). It is the biggest bait and switch scam EVER. The Gov wants to “regulate” every aspect of our lives…to protect us (from ourselves) because they know what’s best for us..and the basic, fundamental of life…ie our Health is twisted into some great big cash grab.

    Before you finish Part III you might want to check out the raid of Rawsome Foods…it is a glorious example of what happens when people try to get together and help each other.


    We should ALL be PISSED…

  • Lisa

    I totally agree with you and I’ve been thinking about this tons. Being a person with an autoimmune disease, I’m convinced it’s a result of hereditary factors as well as diet. Interesting how when I’ve traveled to Latin America I don’t seem as gluten intolerant as I am in the States. Something we’re doing to the processing of our foods is making us sick. Addicted, too. I heard on the radio this morning some guy in the state where I live is suing one of our senators b/c he’s not fighting for food label changes where gluten is concerned. I don’t need a senator fighting that battle for me. I think the answer is to quit eating processed foods. Yes, it’s a challenge, but we should be doing it.

  • ambergravitt

    So glad I found you! I’m pissed too, and I’m one of the idiots who doesn’t always eat what’s best for me. Just like most Americans, I was raised on the notion that instead of fuel, food is something that should always be as decadent and plentiful as possible all day, every day. There was never any road map for eating healthfully–it was always so tangled up in the more-more-more my relatives were shoving at me, the crap my school cafeteria passed off as “lunch”, and whatever processed garbage TV advertising was pushing between my afternoon Gilligan’s Island reruns. Hardly anyone even knows what food really is in this country anymore, but I think there is a movement to wake people up and remind them. I know I’ve been working on things. Thanks for speaking out.

  • Oldsauce

    Just be you!! What you have given is your opinion, and knowingly or unknowingly what people are trying to do is censor that. You are free to your blog as you deem necessary just as those who believe contrary to what you are blogging are free to NOT agree and/or not visit your PERSONAL blog. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and like them you should be entitled to yours. The problem lies with those people who feel so entitled to be heard but not have to listen, so anything that is contrary to what they feel is appropriate has no place. These are the people that are ruining what was once a great country, those who do not recognize it is a two way street and feel that someones personal opinions are always direct attacks on them. Not sure of you have ever been to Eric Beehans site but he is a little less discreet than you were in your pointing out this huge problem with todays nutritional epidemic http://beastmodaldomains.com/2011/11/09/fat-acceptance-is-unacceptable/ My advice (opinion) is Glen just be Glenn, trying to make everyone happy is a waste of time and being candid is always far more productive even if it does rock the boat a little!

  • GoodbyeNavi

    I think those who were upset about your first post are ashamed of themselves. They will not admit it so they get angry at you for being “healthy”. These are probably some of the very same people who will bemoan that they have no idea why they’re fat or just chalk about hypertension, type II diabetes to genetics. They took something personal that if they had taken the time to actually read the post, it was not attacking anyone. You were stating the obvious. We, Americans, do not have healthy diets. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that what we’re putting in my bodies is killing us. Yes, it tastes good and it is convenient but so is a salad (without the unhealthy dressing). Exercising doesn’t have to be breaking your back lifting weights, you can just walk at least 10 minutes a day. I am pissed too, that our country encourages unhealthy lifestyles with the non-stop fast food commercials, high sugar content cereal commercials, bigger, greasier meals commercials. Being poor is also not an excuse for not being educated. Far as I know, libraries are still free and still offer learning tools. Great post.

  • vjohn82

    Keep on writing these posts Glenn. No-one should be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. And the grave will supply plenty of time for silence.

  • ppphhhttt

    Unfortunately, we don’t have much of a right to eat what we want to in this country. I have to go out of my way and spend more to purchase grass-fed meats, pasture-raised chicken/eggs, organic, and non-gmo foods. But it has gotten better over the past couple of years and information on this situation…like your blog post…is becoming prevalent. So you are doing what you can and what is needed. Teaching people who don’t know about the state our food supply is in.

    I am constantly working on improving my diet, exercise and mind so I saw your last post after my kettlebell trainer shared it and we, too, are pissed. 🙂

  • courtney

    Love these posts! You hit the nail on the head! Those that don’t see that and get all pissed about this being a free country and you can eat what you want are right, they can, but it doesn’t make it right or good for you! Thanks for posting, looking forward to post three. Do they realized that most European countries have outlawed the same artificial colors that are everywhere in our food? They did that for a reason, people! Wake up America.

  • Paige Sitwell

    Looking forward to part 3!

  • avicenna2020

    Reblogged this on avicenna2020 and commented:
    Every one have to think twice before taking each meal

  • Jamie

    It’s criminal. This country is killing it’s children with our lifestyle. This is the first generation where we are expected to live longer than our children. Keep posting, the more people that read the more information is spread, whether they agree or not.
    Thanks for posting.

  • Roger Fenner

    Here’s the real kicker for me. The “government,” which is supposed to be representative of you and I, is spending our money to subsidize foods that are killing people. Then, the “government” turns around and says we have to also subsidize their health care. I certainly believe you can eat and do what ever you like, as long as I am not footing the bill for it!

  • bluegrasspb

    Garden. Hunt. Prepare your own food. Apparently, we spend a smaller percentage of our income on food than any civilization in human history. It’s also about time for a lot of people. Buying, making, and preparing good food takes time, so instead of seeing it as a chore, it should be embraced. Should there be mandatory food literacy/education classes in school? I think so, seeing that so much of our lives revolves around sustenance.

  • thenickkirkes

    Love this thread, Glenn. The change has got to be a movement by the masses, and that change is happening. People are taking note that we’ve been fed a line of bullshit (pardon the pun). Well said, and I’m eager to read part 3.

  • piggyeatalot

    Hi there, by the way although there are some negative comments there, don’t just focus on that- a lot of people support you and I totally agree with your rant- its just that, it’s not just an American problem… In Australia where we are, we face the same problem and I do have the same frustrations seeing commercials with happy mothers giving their kids “fruit” roll ups etc. uurrrghhhh!

  • trosenquist

    I totally GET what your point and am fully on board w/ you. You said it well & I couldn’t agree more.

  • Catchowder aka Lynsey

    I clicked on Part I because it was on Freshly Pressed. I have to say I understand both parts and wasn’t offended. It’s entirel possible for you to be pissed at something while not asking anyone to follow your lead.

  • JillARNP

    Amen, as I get ready to spend another day treating patients who have eaten themselves into diabetes and HTN. Things have to change. They have to change now, vote, and spend your money wisely. If enough people stop supporting the junk then it is no longer profitable. We do need to regulate advertising, especially for children, we did it for tobacco and it worked. We can no longer let “for profit” control our nation and our health! It is unbelievable that when my patients ask what lifestyle changes they need to make that the concept of real food is foreign. When I say real food they think prepackaged diet meals, like Jenny Craig and Nutri System, more junk labeled as “healthy”. Let’s not even get started on the billion dollar diet industry! Guess who has a stake in most of that?

  • Deadeye

    Anyone who hates on this is an idiot. Every day I get more and more pissed too!!

  • Veronique

    Do you know this video from Jamie Oliver on TED http://www.ted.com/talks/jamie_oliver.html ? As a french woman, used to eat three meals a day and nothing in between, I couldn’t believe it.

  • Bianca BDub DelMar

    I found your blog from Jen on “Recipes for Gals in Figure and Bodybuilding” and I instantly had to share the post you made before this, on my Facebook. All because you speak 100% truth. That truth is what a lot of Americans just can’t tolerate or understand. Sure, I’ve met some people don’t mind being fat and unhealthy… which is their preference… I don’t know or associate myself with those type of people because I believe that habits are shared among tight knit groups of friends. I’m a weightlifter and I tend to help a lot of my friends with their nutrition and exercise questions but what really pisses me off is the fact that people want to change, but don’t want to do the work!! It didn’t take you a week to gain all that fat, it’s not sure as hell going to take a week to burn it off. Excuses are the silliest form of denial. I’m on the path to being a dietician and then hopefully opening my own gym, so America is really giving me job security for the future but I’d rather see a healthier America sooner than later.
    Also, I don’t think that you’re forcing your habits on other people, I actually see it as caring for the wellbeing of America in the future because the way that food is being made right now, it’s not looking good for the next generations. Everything will be cheaper and shittier while the good, wholesome, organics are going to be unattainable.
    I’m going to be sure to regularly read your blog now. 🙂

  • NGGC

    I love this pissed off person

  • Jess

    The solution is to eat right, and have your family and friends eat right. The more people that east right, the more we will balance the country and what’s sold to us. Demand for these shit foods will be down. Simple Supply and Demand. That’s really the only way to fix the situation that we find ourselves. It frustrates me as well. My son and I had our first Twinkie a couple years ago. I didn’t grow up eating that stuff and my kids don’t either, however, I grew up mostly overseas. Living in the states, you’re right, there are a lot of commercials and peer pressure (per se). My son’s friends ate all that stuff all the time and he was bugging me to buy some for months, so I broke down and got a box. I was highly disappointed to the taste and texture, and thankfully, so was he. He does ask for them occasionally, but I’ll pick up some apples, or some coconut milk and make ice cream instead. lol!

  • Eliza Shane

    Thanks for sharing! I commented on your Part 1 already so will keep this short… but you are waking up to the truth, sir!

  • Lynn Harla

    I never thought you were trying to tell us what to do. Obviously, by the title, “I am pissed…” clearly shows you are giving your opinion, which you are entitled to. So…keep on. If people are reading and commenting, then you are obviously hitting some nerves out there, which most likely means you are getting our fellow bloggers to think more about the food consumption choices in America. Rock on!

  • oceannah

    Yes, eat what you want folks. But know the consequences of such dabbling tis all. The fact that the quaint notion of farming in this country is a total farce (large scale mono-cropping, agribusiness) which is subsidized by our tax dollars is one of the key factors in why everyone needs to get on board and petition the government to stop the subsidies. If Con Agra wants to grow a gazillion acres of corn, let them pay for it themselves. It takes time, effort and commitment to NOT participate in the large scale “food” production systems here. BUT it can be done. Local food movements are on the rise as are farmers markets and co-ops.
    This is a great post that will hopefully shake some folks out of their sleepy mindset that all is well as long as there are peppers and watermelons on the supermarket shelves in January.
    Looking forward to part III

  • Gael Johnson

    Don’t want to get started on genetically modified foods or subsidizing…have you seen what kind of food they give people on the WIC program….geez. We qualified when my son was born but I refused it – I have decided to live by example – I’m tired of complaining and worrying about other people’s health. Thanks for doing it for me – I’m with you and support you and I can’t wait for Part III.

  • Daniel Boland

    I agree with Roger Fenner, the goverment officials in the depts. that have to do with food, farming, nutrition and the like are put their by Monsanto, Cargill and the like.One year their on one board of directors,next their appionted a position of power in the administration of a dept. after ,of coarse, some big donations to the then ruling party.Just for laughs see where the top people who ran Monsanto, Cargill ,Tyson, and the like end up in the goverment.Keep up the fight,Glenn ,maybe this is the start of something big!

  • Zhen Huang

    Be the change u are want to be and other people will follow. Convincing people is very hard, because it takes a certain personal break through. Thanks for the great post. Can’t wait for the next part.

  • JillyGC

    While I have heard your name for years, I never thought to check to see if you had a blog. Then yesterday, a friend posted your I’m Pissed post on Facebook and I have to say I was sad to think I missed some great previous posts. FB makes everything viral!

    What to do? We get mad! We make changes in ourselves, teach and encourage others to do the same. Hopefully someone I teach will move on to teach healthier food habits to someone else. I just finished giving two nutrition seminars to 18+ crossfitters who were interested in eating healthier and I know I hit a cord with every single one of them. They might not all give up on processed foods entirely, but they will certainly think about what they’re eating now that they’ve learned a little more about their food. That’s all we can ask for – think about your choices, educate yourself, teach others, repeat.

  • Rebecca

    I enjoyed yesterday’s post as well as today’s. I too am pissed by what I see parents feeding their kids. I have always cooked dinners and have my freezer, pantry and fridge stocked with the best of the best for my family. I recently read where a woman was suing the makers of Nutella for false advertising. She actually believed she was giving her kids a wholsome breakfast by spreading that crap on a piece of toast. Sure lady, a melted candy bar on top of sugar-laden bread is a great breakfast. She is just too lazy to cook up a decent meal for her kids. No excuses, I work a full time job with a one hour commute to and from work and I still cook.

  • glutenfreebunintheoven

    Reblogged this on glutenfreebunintheoven and commented:
    Indeed – well said.

  • Amy

    Be pissed. Anger can fuel action. We all need to keep stating the truth about food – real food. I am struggling with ulcerative colitis and a host of other autoimmune issues. I’ve changed my diet to organic grass-fed meats and organic local vegetables after being hospitalized and the docs were wanting to remove my colon to “cure” me. The “registered dietitians” fed me a steady 5-day diet of Jello, cranberry juice “drink” (AKA high fructose corn syrup) and Italian ice (sugar). I was sicker when I was discharged. I’m now seeing a Naturopath who has me eating real food. I’m feeling better but it took a month to get over the sugar addiction. Rock on.

  • Madame Penelope

    Thank you! My goodness, I don’t know how people go from “I’m pissed we’re poisoning out kids” to “No one should ever be allowed to eat anything unhealthy and they should only be allowed to eat what I say they can eat!” If people would only read a little closer…
    One minor (really, tiny) criticism: chemically corn syrup is just sugar… high fructose corn syrup on the other hand is not just sugar and is what is really bad for us – because people use more of it and it is so easy for our bodies to break down which means we don’t use as much energy to break it down. Frankly, what I don’t like about people who say “corn syrup is just fine” is that they are really talking about high-fructose corn syrup, and that is NOT just fine. They lie twice, and then use false science to fool the American public.

  • stuffnjsays

    It’s all about going back to the basics; water, fresh fruit and veggies, meat, pulses etc. and cutting out the packets of food with preservatives, additives and numbers on the nutritional information. Portion control and expending the energy you’re inputting. Simple.

  • Allie

    Keep up the awesome posts! Keep asking the questions that need to be asked. Ppl will always criticize what they don’t know. And it’s not abt their right to choose their food, it’s abt the fact that the world makes it so hard for the people that want to make better food choices!

    I will be reading more often now, so thanks!

  • michellesgotsomethingtosay

    I’ve been reading your blog and OMG it’s so crazy how much alike we are, you should check out my blog cause I also write about food, weight lifting, zombies etc. 🙂

  • scintillatebrightly

    People are uneducated and defensive and from there springs their comments about people being able to eat whatever they want. I agree with you 100%. Keep up your commenting. 17,000 people saw your post and more will see it as people start posting it on FB at other places. You’re already making a bit of difference.

  • realeater

    Its so easy to eat well and nourish our children properly. It eventually works out to be cheaper once you have ‘good food’ routines and practices. There are excellent whole food sources in my community. For me it has been a matter of being far less reliant on a supermarket and choosing not to be sucked in by so called ‘health’ messages from the food industry. Our grandparents were able to eat basic, good food while raising families. My parents did it and they both worked. There is absolutely no excuse for feeding our children cheap crappy ‘convenient’ food. And there is no excuse for feeding our children food that we have been made to believe is healthy, but isn’t. Such ignorance and complacency is simply laziness. It makes our hectic lives easier and justifies our purchasing choices. As a teacher I see the result of this laziness in the classroom all the time. Its kinda a form of child abuse don’t ya think?

  • Hauling. | StrengthFIT

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  • taraeaton

    Great follow-up, Glenn! Write on, brother!
    As they say, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

  • SammyDee

    I’m really enjoying your posts Glenn. Your ‘I’m pissed’ article mirrored a lot of my own frustrations about the food industry in the UK but a lot of the people commenting seemed to miss your point. It was a great article. It’s a shame they didn’t’ read it properly.

  • MikeJohn

    I couldn’t agree more with these blogs Glenn. I live in Canada so obesity isn’t as bad, but its still bad. And I have noticed a difference. I was in buffalo at a grocery store a couple of weeks ago and as soon as I walked in I noticed all the crappy food. its the first thing you see. Not vegetables. it was even along the outside of the store (so much for the paleo rule of thumb and only shopping the perimeter), just skids full of pepsi and doritos and kit kat bars in case somebody needs a break while shopping. As I searched hi and low to find the milk, whole milk, preferably grass fed, and none of that low fat shit. I passed ANOTHER junk food aisle as if the first 1/4 of the store being consumed by this crap wasn’t enough. Anyways I sincerely look forward to your next rant/blog. and whatever plans you have for a solution I’ll be fight there with ya.along with 17,000 others hopefully.

  • Mary Walton

    Love this. It blew up because it hit Facebook — and I am glad. Perfect timing – my husband and I are watching HBO’s “The Weight of the Nation” which aired mid-May but is conveniently located on my DVR. We watch Part 4 tonight. Here’s the link: http://theweightofthenation.hbo.com/ – it’ll make you madder – but the good news is, people are starting to make noise – people like you, people like me, people like my friend that posted a link to your blog on FB — and the more noise we make, the more chance we have to affect change. In my local grocery store, I spent no less than 10 minutes (seriously) looking through at least 40 different loaves of bread to find one with “stoneground whole wheat flour” as the first ingredient. There were TWO. I bought ’em both. Keep up the great posting, I’ve got you on my bookmarks now for daily reading. 🙂

  • loosinit

    Big Pharma runs everything. People eat crap and need the meds. It’s amazing the amount of meds people are on yet say they eat a “healthy diet low in fat and high in fibre no added salt” then proceed to pull a- *insert brand name here*- Bar out of their lunch bag. I’ll keep sharing the truth. Thanks for these “I’m Pissed” articles 🙂

  • allthatispretty

    I was going to comment on Part One, but there were so many comments full of people ripping each other apart that I couldn’t make it to the bottom of the page! ha ha.

    I think your point was well written and clearly stated. I, myself am not a ‘health fanatic’ however the last few years I have found myself reaching for more salads and less deep fried foods mainly because it makes me feel better. But that is a personal choice.

    Last year, I moved to Kenya. And I really agree with your article. The one thing that I have noticed since I have been living in Kenya is my depleted dependency on chocolate and junk food (mainly because imported junk food products here are too expensive and not as readily available as in the United States). I came from Canada, a fairly health-concious nation, but I still couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a dozen different brands of chocolate bars, snack foods from floor to ceiling and loads of ‘new and healthy’ products packed with sugar. Before I left, I was consuming at least one chocolate bar a day. I had somewhat of a sugar addiction. I really noticed it the first few weeks I was in Kenya as the goods were not available every 20 feet. But now, ten months later, I feel healthier than I ever have in my life…and it’s not because I’m eating ‘health’ foods and working out all the time. I have spent some time thinking about why I feel healthier and realized that there are NO products with additives or processed goods in my diet. Everything I eat comes from within 50 kms of where I live and is fresh picked that day. The only sugar I consume (aside from natural sugars found in fruits) is raw cane sugar processed in a plant nearby.

    I do not miss the mass consumerism of the Americas one bit. In fact, when I go into supermarkets now I feel overwhelmed with the choice and variety of all the products and find myself reading labels more closely to understand why I should buy the products being promoted on the shelves when I can get the natural version near my home.

    I realize not everyone has this luxury, but I definitely agree with you when you state that there is a problem in America with all of the junk food that is being marketed to everyone each day. It all boils down to the large companies needing to create a new revenue stream in order to beat out their competitors and the people are suffering as a result. If you do want healthy products free of additives, steroids, and all the other junk they throw into food these days to make it last longer, taste better, and be ‘healthier’ you really have to put up a few extra pennies and the extra effort to find the goods.

  • hananiak04

    Your topics are great and very informational. More people need to see this as a major issue. Government needs to put tax dollars toward the farms to help support healthy growth in cattle and fields. We need to get back to a healthy way a eating. THe processed foods should have an extra tax on them so more people will be less encouraged to buy them and more encourged to purchase whole foods. Keep these post coming. People need to open their eyes and realize that the junk they are feeding themselves and their kids will have a negative impact on their future!

  • Lisa

    I love your post! It is going to effect our readiness as a nation. It already has. The military, fire fighters, police, are all impacted now. Our brains will be mush! We will no longer be strong and inventive.

  • ladywise

    The saddest part to me is that these companies know that a lot of people’s education (if you can call it that) comes from what they see on the television and on signs and such in the stores. They know that some people are educated enough to not be fooled by their advertisements and the marketing is not directed at them. It is directed at the uneducated people, including the children who are susceptible to it. Walmart executives know that if they move a high profit sweet cereal with a cool looking box to an end cap in a store that it will attract people’s attention and they will buy more of it that week. Do you think anyone sits there and says, “Oh no, that’s not healthy food, let’s promote this lower profit healthy cereal instead.” Hell no! They don’t care if it is healthy for you or not, they care about their own bottom line. Yes, the whole thing is definitely something to be pissed off about.

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  • bashshinycap44

    I agree with this post, as well as the first. Now I’m on to read the next. Thanks for spreading a good mix of opinion and fact! 🙂

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