I’m still pissed PART IV

Yeah, I’m still pissed off. But I am not gonna rant about it anymore. What can we do to solve this situation? I have already said I can’t change US farm policy, and I have already said I am glad we live in a free society and don’t want to interfere with the freedom to choose that we all enjoy. And you sure as hell wont find me protesting carrying a sign outside McDonalds or 7-11 or anywhere else.

So really the only thing left to do is either bitch about it,or change the way that you and your family eat.

Just how do you change the way you eat? Well, you are not going to go from a Dorito eating Mountain Dew swilling junk food addict overnight or in one step.

We are gonna start today with Step I, adding in some real food. Steps II, III, and IV will follow.

Most people concentrate on what they need to stop eating, a sort of “dieting” philosophy whether they need to lost weight or not. Stop eating Doritos, cut down on the Coke, etc. I think this is doing it wrong.

The problem with dieting is that you are almost guaranteed to fail. Statistically, there is a very small success rate, especially when it comes to keeping the weight off. It is hard to make a new behavior permanent when the whole notion of what you are doing is centered around depriving yourself of something.

A better way to go about changing your diet is to concentrate on adding food. Good food, and let the good push out the bad. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

A good way to start is with breakfast, snacks, and a salad before dinner. If you are used to eating Captain Crunch or pop tarts for breakfast, don’t start by denying yourself. Sure, you can still have a pop tart. But first, eat 2 eggs and an orange. The if you still want that pop tart, well, eat it. But hopefully you will be full, and maybe only eat one, instead of 2. Or instead of 4.

And be creative with those eggs. I like mine with sun dried tomatoes, baby spinach, and a bit of asagio cheese. I used to buy those bags of frozen vegetables with various shades of bell peppers and onions and cook those in the eggs, and maybe some salsa on top. Use your imagination, but eat those eggs and maybe that orange BEFORE you eat the pop tart.

Snacks are pretty easy. Are you used to eating a couple of snacks during the day? Maybe Doritos or a candy bar out of the vending machine at work? I know Doritos are hard to give up, but pack something like an apple and a couple of ounces of beef jerky when you go to work. Do not eat that bag of Doritos from the vending machine till AFTER your apple and jerky are gone. I guarantee you, you won’t want the Doritos as bad, and you won’t put your money in the vending machine as often. But if you do get the Doritos here and there, don’t beat yourself up about it. Baby steps. Just be sure you eat your healthy snacks every day before you think about the vending machine.

I have found that lunch and dinner are the hardest part for people just starting to try to eat in a healthy manner, so we won’t attack them in this, our first step along the road. But one thing you can do is to add a salad before dinner. This is helpful in two ways. For one thing, you are adding some healthy vegetables to your diet. And, you are decreasing your appetite for the crap you might be eating afterwards.

A nice way to do salad easily is to make a big bowl of all your leafy greens over the weekend, enough to last all week. Personally, I like about 1/4 Kale, 1/4 baby spinach, and the rest romaine lettuce. Sometimes I will shave some carrots into this because I know they are good for me, but honestly I dont like carrots all that much so often I wont. But, I always slice up 2-3 red onions into it, I like onions in a salad.

This takes me about 15 minutes, and it is the majority of your salad preparation for the week.

Now, each day you just start your dinner by taking some of these greens out of this big bowl, and into a little bowl for you to eat that day. You put your dressing, some black pepper, maybe a bit of cheese and if you share my fascination with sun dried tomatoes some of those on it, and you eat it. BEFORE you eat your dinner.

One word about dressing. You want something olive oil based. I think about the best that you can buy in most stores is Newmans own olive oil and vinegar, but I make my own. I use about 3/4 olive oil, about 1/4 of a mixture of red wine vinegar and lemon juice. I add a little bit of sea salt, a lot of black pepper, and some parmesean cheese and thats it. It’s a great dressing, its cheap and easy to make, and its much cheaper than buying dressing from the grocery store.

Well there it is. Don’t try to deprive yourself just yet. Just add in some good nutritious food. Start to develop a taste for it, and let it crowd out some of the bad.

Step II is the grocery store.


23 responses to “I’m still pissed PART IV

  • Markus

    Seems like when it’s about actually doing something, all the people have lost their interest. But I might be wrong and everybody around here has a clean diet already..

  • alessandro ciapanna

    thumbs up. i really can’t see how your method could possibly NOT work. very, very clever.

    one thing i like to say is: if it ain’t simple, it ain’t genius. this is both. 🙂

  • Cliff Dyer

    Markus, Don’t let your cynicism carry you away. Just beause nobody commented between 3am, when it was posted and 3:37, when you read it, doesn’t mean nobody’s interested. Most of the world needs some time to sleep.

    Glenn, this is fantastic advice. I hadn’t considered the add more approach before, but it makes sense. Kind of like a self-imposed, all-day-long variation on mom telling you that you can’t have dessert until you’ve eaten your peas.

  • scintillatebrightly

    This premise is much like what Weight Watchers preaches, which revolutionized my eating habits and forced out the bad foods by sheer effect of hunger. Of course, I still don’t think that WW is THE best diet out there, too strict I feel. But for me at least it started me down the path toward healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle like nothing else had before.

    • glennpendlay

      WW is one of the better of the weight loss programs IMO. What I dont like about it is not enough concentration on going from eating processed foods to eating non processed foods.

      • scintillatebrightly

        Yeah I realized that myself later on, as I got more into organic foods and the like. I also didn’t like how they pushed their own brand foods even though these were frozen dinners, “low fat” snacks and yogurts etc. They weren’t exactly always low in sodium or sugar.

  • Margarita

    In the add more department: add more time to actually eat your food! It takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize you’re even eating, and then it starts to get the message from your stomach that it’s filling up. Also, digestion begins in your mouth with chewing your food. So, since you’ve made the effort to make yourself a beautiful and delicious meal…take the time to enjoy it and savor it! (Even Doritos! If I take the time to chew my food, I generally wind up consuming less!) By the way, my favorite breakfast is scrambling last night’s leftover salad with my eggs this morning. Yum! 🙂 Thanks, Glenn, for leading us on with the practical advice!

  • Adrie_Newman

    I love your approach to creating new positive habits. I think it can really be used to create all types of other changes in addition to food.

  • questeninghram

    I’m glad we can finally have some positivity, I see that we are now inching to some closure.

  • Mike Cook

    One thing parents can do to improve children’s diet is t each kids how to cook, and show them that making homemade, healthy, yummy food, is at most, only a little bit harder than buying processed crap food. I taught my daughter how to make homemade guacamole and she was surprised at how easy and yummy it is compared to store bought stuff.

  • drhoop

    Hey Glenn, loved your last few posts. I’m mad too. I started my blog a couple weeks ago from the perspective of a pediatrician. I agree with your nutritional information 100%. Keep up the good work. Brad.

  • Steve

    I don’t buy the change your diet in steps theory. A LCHF diet is easy in its simplicity, and once you get past that first week or so and are adapted there are few cravings and you hunger is real and self regulated. IMO, don’t put of the ease of eating in that manner, you’re just prolonging the pain!

  • holden2012

    Yeah but being pissed off is good…it ain’t rant…its catharsis. And we need that right now….so take that emotional baseball bat and get all untouchables on the things that piss you off….and your eggs look nice but not as nice as a a good old kickback at the state we are in

  • Kyle W

    Being pissed off is how we fight complacency. I like to think the second we become complacent, we no longer want to live.

    I was pissed off… at my obesity.
    …So I did something about it

    I added healthy habits, like you put forth. I drank A LOT of water and exercised. I do not think I changed my diet, besides drinking more water which simply made me filler. I saw the pounds shed off and wanted to see how much I can lose. I became fitter and wanted to see how fit I can become. Then before I know it, I have adopted a healthy lifestyle because they all led to a singular goal of becoming healthy. So for me, the biggest problem with diets is they are often a complete overhaul of a person’s diet.

    And now I am pissed off at America’s obesity because I have been there and know how much better I feel now and how simple it is to become healthy, but how people never take the first step of being genuinely pissed off.

  • SighYuki

    Ah I love this kind of approach, and I’ve found it the most helpful. Yes, I do revert sometimes to junk things when I am way too stressed (I am not the best with dealing with stress :/), but after a while you really don’t feel like junk anymore. I love eating healthy food too, and to be honest I feel pretty blah if I don’t eat healthy food after a certain point.

  • Steve Thresher

    This is a really neat approach to changing your diet. Like most people, I’ve always started a diet by removing foods but this makes much more sense. Thanks for the whole series, great reading!

  • Shan

    This is so true!!! It’s not about depriving yourself of things you love, it’s about gradually changing your lifestyle with healthy foods. Nothing happens overnight. Too many people are into instant gratification, an attitude so prevalent in our society, but they don’t think long-term. I’d rather take slow, yet permanent change.

    And yes, eggs for breakfast are AMAZING! I usually have raisin bran or yogurt, but now you inspired me to make more effort for tomorrow’s breakfast. Thanks! Can’t wait for the next installment.

  • bracysarah

    I suggest canning vegetables. It’s like summertime goodness all year around.

  • bashshinycap44

    Great tips. 🙂 I’m sure alot of people will find help from this, and reverse their original opinions or first impressions of your food ranr. 🙂

  • bashshinycap44

    Reblogged this on bashshinycap.

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