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I wasn’t pissed tonight.

No, I wasn’t pissed at supper tonight. This took 20 minutes to prepare, and it was all on the grill. Steak, green onions, zucchini, squash, and some corn. Just rub some olive oil on the veggies, sprinkle some seasoning on them and grill. Same with the steak.

I sat and wondered what most people I know were eating for supper and came to a conclusion. I WIN!

Eating healthy is NOT a sacrifice.

I’m Pissed, Part VI

In Part V I promised to get into education. To feed yourself and your family a healthy diet you have to know what a healthy diet is. Know which foods to buy, and to eat. Know which foods are good for you, and which are killing you. You have to know why sugar is poison. Why feeding our beef corn instead of grass is screwing us up.

And then you need to actually learn how to cook and eat this way. You need ideas and recipes.

And I am not really the guy to teach this stuff. Luckily I know of a book that will take care of it.

It Starts With Food is a brand new book by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig that is phenomenal. If you want to educate yourself on how to eat a healthy diet, then this is the book for you. It doesn’t matter if you are already knowledgeable about nutrition, or just think you are, or are completely without a clue. This book will take you from A to Z. It will take you all the way from the science to the practical aspect of what to buy and how to cook it.

I highly recommend you buy this book if you are concerned about your health. Click HERE to order.

Neiman Wickline

Neiman Wickline had a pretty good day yesterday. Not only did she win her 3rd straight National Championship, she made all her lifts going 6 for 6, made a PR clean and jerk, and got an award for having the best technique in her session.

I am really proud of Neiman, but what makes me proud of her is not what she did yesterday. After coaching her from age 7, I had to move away when Neiman was 11. I left her without a coach and without a gym or a team to train with. Now Neiman has a good support group, great parents and a super supportive grandmother who is a very accomplished lifter herself. But even so, not many 11 year olds would have stuck with a sport like weightlifting if faced with the scenario Neiman was faced with. She went from training with a coach to having none. She went from training in a gym with a team to training in a garage by herself.

But Neiman stuck with it. She heads out to the garage 4 days a week. She puts the time and work in. Her parents and grandmother find the money to send her to the meets, send her to the camps at the OTC in the summer, fly her out to see me when then they can.

And for 3 years now Neiman has kept heading out to the garage and putting the work in, and now she has 3 gold medals from 3 consecutive National Championships hanging on her wall, and is one of the most promising young lifters around.

I am really proud of Neiman for doing what very few kids her age would do. And I am very happy that she is being rewarded with the kind of success that very few kids her age achieve.

Way to go Neiman!

The Artist and the Olympian

Adam Scheiner wants to produce a movie that features an Olympic weightlifter as the main character. After working with him for several months, it is evident to me that he wants badly to display the beauty of the sport, as well as pay tribute to the courage and perseverance of those who pursue it. It truly is a great script and has the potential to be a great, great movie. And a popular movie about an Olympic weightliter could do wonders for the popularity of the sport.

There are backers who are interested in funding the project. But there is one hoop to jump through. Although Adam has worked in the film industry for some time, he has yet to produce a feature length film. So he has to prove himself and the concept by producing a short film of less than 10 minutes that presents the general idea and concept of the movie. He has a cast for the short (which includes Donny Shankle), and a date set for shooting.

But he is still short of raising enough money to shoot the short. He has 4 more days to reach his goal.

You can learn more about the movie and donate here:

Please donate if the idea of having a feature length film featuring an Olympic weightlifter appeals to you.

Something New.

We had gotten into a sort of a food rut since arriving in South Carolina. Weather has been nice, so the grill has run every night since we got here. Steaks and various grilled vegetables have basically been the only thing on the menu for supper.

So we had something completely different today, here is how to make it.

Cut a whole chicken into 10 pieces and brown it on the stove top with crushed red pepper and some sea salt. When the chicken is brown, remove it from the pot and throw rice, julienned baby bell peppers, vidalia onions, some garlic, some lime juice, and some more sea salt. Saute this till the rice is softened, then throw the chicken back in on top along with a can of Carolina Creole sauce, and bake till chicken is done, probably around 30 minutes. Serve with rice cooked with 2 halves of a lime cooked in with it.

We actually also had asparagus cooked in bacon fat and little bits of bacon, and a nice baby spinach salad with sun dried tomatoes, but those didn’t make it into the picture.

It’s a nice little change of pace, and extremely tasty.

And it shows the value of knowing how to cook. I don’t eat out much, but when I do I am usually disappointed. It is almost never as good as what is on the table at home.

And for you hard line paleo folks, don’t get too worked up over the rice or what might have been in that creole sauce. I have always been an 80% guy. I know I dont eat perfectly all the time. But I eat right more than 80% of the time. And a little rice and tomatoe based sauce from the supermarket in one supper out of the last 6, in a meal that is dominated by chicken and vegetables, is perfectly fine in my book.