Monthly Archives: July 2012

Good eats.

Well, does it look tasty? These are meals I ate over the last several days. Somehow the one with salmon didnt get saved, oh well. I make the salad easy, by making up a huge bowl at the beginning of every week. Some Kale, more baby Spinach, and some Romaine lettuce. Lot’s of onions. At the time of eating I add stuff like pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, and sun dried tomatoes. I cook things like ribs, beef short ribs, tri-tip, salmon, chicken, and always make enough for leftovers. I keep various berries and frozen bags of mixed vegetables available. I do have a weakness for grits, lol.

If you keep those types of things on hand, make sure there are always leftovers and the big bowl of salad in the fridge, you will never be tempted to “just order a pizza” for dinner.

Oh and by the way just learned that if you slice raw zucchini and yellow squash very thin with a cheese slicer, it makes a very tasty and nutritious addition to your salad. You heard it here first.


I have been lucky enough to meet a few successful people in my life. Successful athletes, successful businessmen, successful writers, and people who have achieved all sorts of great things. It is always interesting to think about what breeds the achievement and success that seems to come to some people almost inevitably, but seems impossible for others to achieve.

What is it that sets successful people apart? I have thought about this a lot over the past couple of decades. And yes, I have come up with many explanations, many necessary traits. Hell others have written books on the subject. But I have never come across or thought of an explanation that seemed… well, elegant. Nothing simple that seemed to capture the soul of the question.

I was driving to morning training the other day with Donny and we were talking about the move from California to South Carolina and all the opportunity here and some other things, and I wondered aloud about why a guy like Tom had gone from Chicago to California then to South Carolina to follow his dream of the Olympics. Why he was here, when thousands who had the same dream, maybe even the same talent, were not. Why others who can maybe lift more, are maybe ranked higher, are at home training in a garage, while Tom is here with us.

Donny’s answer was that Tom had imagination, he had boldness, he had audacity.

We didn’t have the chance to discuss that much further because we arrived at practice and had to get to the business at hand. But I have thought about that answer for a couple of days, and I thought that this explanation was a more simple and elegant explanation of how success is obtained than any I ever read in any of the many business books or self help books that I have bought over the years.

Audacity. The more I think about it, the more I think that this is the key to success, the key to greatness. A simple and elegant way to describe what some display, and others don’t.

Have the imagination to see what you want, have the boldness and audacity to step forward and get it. I think this defines almost every successful person I know, whether in business or athletics or any other field. And the lack of it defines the ordinary.

I hope you have thought this was a good read, and worth the time to read it. I hope it makes you think a little.

Be audacious, my friends.