Good eats.

Well, does it look tasty? These are meals I ate over the last several days. Somehow the one with salmon didnt get saved, oh well. I make the salad easy, by making up a huge bowl at the beginning of every week. Some Kale, more baby Spinach, and some Romaine lettuce. Lot’s of onions. At the time of eating I add stuff like pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, and sun dried tomatoes. I cook things like ribs, beef short ribs, tri-tip, salmon, chicken, and always make enough for leftovers. I keep various berries and frozen bags of mixed vegetables available. I do have a weakness for grits, lol.

If you keep those types of things on hand, make sure there are always leftovers and the big bowl of salad in the fridge, you will never be tempted to “just order a pizza” for dinner.

Oh and by the way just learned that if you slice raw zucchini and yellow squash very thin with a cheese slicer, it makes a very tasty and nutritious addition to your salad. You heard it here first.


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