Back to the good stuff.

After eating a few meals filled with carbs and grain, I am actually CRAVING salad! If you had asked me 3 years ago what my favorite meals were, my home made pizza or spaghetti would have both been in the top 5, and a salad would not have even been considered. But my tastes have sure changed.

I was thinking about what to take out of the freezer this morning for supper, and decided that what I MOST wanted was a good salad. Baby spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, onions, almond slices, sun dried tomatoes, a bit of olive oil, some lemon juice and to make it perfect some chicken or steak cut up and mixed in.

I am glad I fixed a few “special” meals for my son last week. He loved the pizza, the burgers, and crescent roles for breakfast and there is no reason a kid has to be completely deprived of that type of thing. But I can’t imagine going back to a diet like that long term.

I guess this is “proof” that although eating a more healthy diet can be hard at first, it grows on you.


2 responses to “Back to the good stuff.

  • Margarita

    Nothing like a cool, crunchy salad on a hot, muggy day! 😉

  • Mike Cook


    One thing I have noticed after switching to diet that doesn’t have cereal grains in it, is that my sweet tooth craving is substantially diminished.

    Nowadays, some nice juicy fresh fruit sounds good to me for an awesome desert. Fruit has plenty of natural sugar in it, and enough to cure my craving for sweets.

    Before, I would never consider fruit a desert.

    Mike Cook

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