A short blog from almost a year ago. Everybody loves Babe Ruth, don’t they?

Glenn Pendlay

One of the best baseball players ever was Babe Ruth. I would not guess I am gonna get a lot of argument there. He hit a lot of home runs. He also struck out a lot. Christmas morning did not happen every time he toed the plate. Yet, he kept swinging. And from the little I know about the Babe, he didn’t let strikeouts hurt his confidence at all. He kept swinging.

In my 40+ years on planet earth, I have observed a few things and maybe even learned a thing or two. Or maybe not, but I am going with the idea that I have. Everyone fails. Everyone. I have failed so many times that listing them all here would be pointless. If I thought about all the times, I would no doubt just consider myself a failure and quit. My one redeeming quality is that I have kept…

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