Want to pull like Ilya Ilin?

The need to slow down while you are learning has lead to some confusion. And it is exasperated by the instructions given to achieve a proper “rhythm” in the lift. For a good lifter, good rhythm is fast, faster, fastest. Fast to the knees, even faster up the thigh, then fastest during the second pull and the pull under. Your aim should be to have the bar and your body start the lift fast, and just get faster as the lift proceeds.

But that’s not how it goes with a beginner. If a beginner pulls too fast off the floor, they will miss their positions. Or, they will hit the right position at the knee, but have to slow down while pulling the bar up the thigh in order to “find” the correct position at the hip. Neither is helpful to developing good technique.

So, I tell those just learning the lifts to pull slowly off the floor, speed it up gradually as the bar comes up the thigh, then explode and catch when they feel the bar hit the right place on the hip (or upper thigh on the clean).

Concentrate on the correct positions first. Even if you have to go slow, even if you literally have to pause the bar at the knee and at the hip to make sure it is right. Then the correct rhythm, taking out the pauses and speeding up as the lift goes along, even if the actual speed has to start very slowly to maintain position. Add speed gradually, but not so fast that position or rhythm are compromised. But that doesn’t mean pulling slowly is right for a lifter past the learning stage. Ilya Ilin pulls fast right from the floor, and so should you. Just maybe not today.


5 responses to “Want to pull like Ilya Ilin?

  • Isaac

    Hey Glenn,

    I’ve read thru the greater part of your blog (the start up to now). I’ve found so many clinical pearls that has helped me as a athlete, strength coach and how to survive the impeding Zombie Apocalypse. I’ve found bits and pieces of something that I’ve curious about for a long time but no real explanation to why/what and the hows of the: Hit on the Clean.

    Personally, I love it, Catapult is king (for me, and what seems to be the most part of your athletes). I can see athletes like Kaleb Whitby, James Tatum and Chris Gute adopt this style so it’s obvious this what you think is most optimal for them.

    As I can see, the hit occurs in Part 1 of your progression, high thigh, and chest on top of the bar, slight bend in the knees. That is what I can see from videos, but I’m sure there are many many nuances that I’m not taking in consideration, that is why I’m asking if you could shed some light on the one thing that less talked about than the Hit on the snatch. I see people do it, I ask them, but they seem to be afraid to talk about it.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated,

    All Hail King Pendlay

  • Wednesday 112812

    […] Glenn Pendlay, Want to pull like Ilya Ilin? […]

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