Monthly Archives: March 2015

something quick!

I am looking for some new ideas for quick meals. One idea I had was to just add some rice to a bowl of soup. I am thinking gumbo soup with a bunch of rice thrown in wouldnt be half bad. Anyone have any more ideas like that?


20150322_175553_resizedI am trying to eat a little more healthy these days.  This evening supper was a couple of pork chops, some corn, and some rice.  A little heavier on the carbs than I usually eat, but damn it was good!


The past year and a half has been a period of some pretty big changes in my life.  As some of you know, I had a stroke in December of 2013.  Afterwards I was in a coma for about 8 weeks, and when I woke I discovered that I had lost a large part of my eyesight.  I guess I am lucky, because my arms and legs still work fine, and my speech wasnt affected.

But certain things about my lifestyle had to change.  After 20+ years as a strength athlete, I had at one point gotten myself up to 360lbs.  Now I think it was a fairly solid 360, but still that is a huge amount of weight. Along the way I did well in sports like Powerlifting and weightlifting, but it was time to stop pushing up the bodyweight in an attempt to gain strength at any cost.

At the time I had the stroke I was about 300lbs.  Today I weigh about 255lbs.  I am not struggling with heavy cleans or snatches anymore, but I am up to about 15 to 20 miles a week of running, along with a lot of work on a C2 rower.

I am also eating a LOT better.  My goals have all changed.  And I do feel a ton better.  I might even enter a 5k run soon!