something quick!

I am looking for some new ideas for quick meals. One idea I had was to just add some rice to a bowl of soup. I am thinking gumbo soup with a bunch of rice thrown in wouldnt be half bad. Anyone have any more ideas like that?


10 responses to “something quick!

  • Laurie

    I do that or add a little pasta in some chicken soup.

  • Ian

    Throw chicken breast in a crockpot with BBQ sauce or a jar of salsa and put it on a cooked sweet potato (microwave for 3min on HIGH)

  • Gary

    Best thing is to plan meals so you have leftovers. I get home on Thursday nights and am tired and hungry. Always have left overs ready to either eat cold or put in the microwave.

  • ltriant

    Rice, a can of tuna and a bit of lemon and cracked pepper.

    Ground beef (or some cut up sausage), broccoli and red peppers thrown in a skillet. Add a couple of eggs if you feel like it.

  • colin bell

    This is one I stole from Dorian Yates : bowl tomato soup and Chuck in a tin of tuna. Delicious.

  • Simon

    TUNA AND BEANS in a can – Capsicum, Sweet Corn, Red Kidney Beans & Chilli

    Bok choy/green veg dressed with some sesame oil and soy sauce


  • Kim Baugher

    I do brown rice, mixed veggies and chopped up meat (chicken usually) all mixed together in a big container. You just have to put it together one day, then you can eat out of it all week. You can change it up by seasonign it different ways (like with soy sauce).

  • Bob Wildes

    Sams Club has a vegetable medley that can be microwaved in 8 minutes. That provides vegetables for 3-6 meals depending on portion size. Bake chicken drumsticks when you have time ( Sunday for me). Baked chicken and vegetables several times a week. I reheat ( microwave ) the vegetables for one minute prior to the meal.

  • Dj Elliott

    A cpl yes ago I started using lean turkey burger, light and dark mindey beans, tomoates and paste, real garlic diced up and slow cooked the veggies as I cooked the meat and atrained ir. I then mixed it all together and kept it warm for about 30 mins. Divide it up into several servings and in the fridge it went. Heated up in abt 90 seconds and plenty of protein. Iron. Tomatoe and some fiber!! Worked well for me coach! Hope it helps. Sorry about the soelking and grammar errors

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