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Monday June 1st PendlayWOD



Snatch high pull + hang snatch(1+1) x3  use 85, 88, and 90% for the three sets.

Clean pull + hang clean (1+1) x 3  use 85, 88, and 90% for the three sets.

On both exercises pulls are done from the floor, lifts from the hang are done from below the knee.

squats:  last week might have been a  PR for 3 sets of 5 (we did 95% of your best 1 set of 5).  If it wasn’t, this week go to a PR for 3 sets of 5.  If last week WAS a PR, this week you should beat it by as much as you can.

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Sunday May 31st PendlayWOD


The training cycle is more than half over.  If you have been following since the beginning you should have make a PR or two by now, but we still have a little time before we taper.  Today would be a good time to get the last run in, or the last conditioning session. Too much conditioning wouldn’t be the smart thing to do while we are trying to peak!

And if you feel up to it, i set a new PR on the 2k rower this week, 7 min 51 sec.  If you can beat that lunch is on me next time I see you!

Saturday May 30th PendlayWOD


Squat 101% of your best set of 5 for 5.  The lowest you can go and still make a PR.

Push press do a set of 5 with 95% of you best set of 5

press from the split 3 sets of 5 with 45% of your best military press.

This is a day when everyone should make a squat PR!

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Friday May 29th PendlayWOD


Another MAX OUT Friday!

Snatch work up to 95%

Clean and jerk work up to 95%

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Thursday May 28th PendlayWOD



Power clean 75% for 3 sets of 3

Press from split 40% of your best military press for 3 sets of 5

Wednesday May 27th PendlayWOD


travis cooper

snatch from the hip 10 singles with 86%

clean and jerk from the hip 10 singles with 80%

front squat 3 sets of 3 with 90% of your best triple.


LAST day of timed sets!

post your weights.

Tuesday, May 26th PendlayWOD


Power snatch 75% for 4 sets of 3

press from split 30% (of best military press) for 3 sets of 5

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