May 2nd

Saturday is normally a day reserved for squatting (our heaviest squat workout) and push presses.  Since we gave just had a competition we will be at the point of starting training again post competition and starting both exercises just a little below our best sets of 5

Squat   Max set of 5 (-10%)

Push press Max set of 5 (-10%)



5 responses to “May 2nd

  • Jozef

    thanks for posting coach !!!

  • Nick B.

    I assume this means we are to work up to a daily maximum that is 10% less than our best 5RM on…Back Squat? Looking forward to trying this “WOD” out for a while.

    • glennpendlay

      you are exactly right. i know it will be a little hard to follow at first, but after a few weeks it will be easy to follow. But do not hesitate to ask if there is someth;ing you don’t understand. I will be checking this site to answer questions several times per day.

  • M C

    I’m starting out on this program today (running 2 weeks behind). I’m a 62kg lifter who has been lifting for 3.5 years with bests of 70kg snatch/93kg C&J.

    I’ve been running on various Catalyst Athletics programs for the last several months and am looking to mix it up! I’ve done Texas method before with good results early in my training career and hope it will help me improve once again. Thanks for posting, will comment on noteworthy results!

  • Zac Baston (@zacsbarbellclub)

    I got back from a two week vacation of camping and hiking mountains in Colorado last week and got started on this programming on Saturday, June 27th.

    Back Squat – 5×166

    Slow grind on 4th/5th reps and my heels coming up pretty significantly is evidence of my two week break. That’s fine though, because my body will adapt quickly

    Push Press – 5×84

    Fairly easy, but I haven’t done PP very much in my programming.

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