images-6snatch 75% 10 lifts EMOM

clean and jerk 75% EMOM

back squat 3 sets of 5 at 80% of your best set of 5


7 responses to “Monday

  • Nick B.

    Something I wanted to check on. Will this wod focus on the squat and olympic lifts or will be seeing the press and bench throughout the cycle as well?

    • glennpendlay

      It will be a weightlifting workout. But upper body strength plays a role in weightlifting, so you will see both th bench press and the press. There will be more pressing early in a cycle, and less as a competition draws near. You will probably see more push presses than bench or military presses though. The blog will be how I would program for an average intermediate weightlifter.

      • Nick B.

        Well I fall into the average to maybe intermediate category. Good to go. Today was good, no missed lifts and I felt strong on squats even though I had been squatting in a hybrid low bar position for my last cycle. However I switched gears to olympic high bar for this program.

  • Nate

    I was just looking for a new program to follow when I stumbled across this. I’m super excited to start this! Thanks Glenn.

  • Jozef

    no WOD today??

  • glennpendlay

    i put it up at about 7am EST. Somet;hing tells me I might have to start putting it up the night before though.

  • Zac Baston (@zacsbarbellclub)

    Snatch – 10x 85
    Reps 9&10 on video below.

    C&J – 10x 107
    Res 1&10 on video below. I should’ve taken a longer break between snatch and C&J because I was gassed about halfway through and feeling a bit ill, but I finished it.

    Back Squat – 3x5x 147

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