May 5th Pendlay WOD

Tuesday is usually easier than the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workouts.  Since this is the very beginning of a training cycle we are doing complexes.

Snatch pull + snatch + OHS  (2 + 1+ 1)*3

Try to get to about 80% of your best snatch.images-8


6 responses to “May 5th Pendlay WOD

  • Jonathan T

    Hey Glenn, thanks for posting these! I have a question about this workout; by “try to get to 80%,” do you mean that all 3 working sets of the complex should be around that weight, or that you want us to do 3 tough sets, the heaviest of which is around 80%? Hope that makes sense. Thank you for your help!

    • glennpendlay

      The latter. If you were able to do75% &, then 77%, then 80% that would be great, If you were able to do 75%, then 80%, but the 80% was everything you had and you had to drop the last set back to 75% to make it, that would be fine also. I know workouts don’t always go as planned. But your goal should be to get 80% on th bar.

  • Ryan

    What are your thoughts on adding accessory work such as abs/back and “bodybuilding” type exercises to the program? Are abs/back and 2-3 hypertrophy exercises at the end of each session ok or is there programmed days for this?

    • glennpendlay

      The workout as written is a 5 day a week workout. If you want to do things like abs or low back work at the end of the workout that is ok. If you swant to do it on the off days that is ok too. But that stuff should follow the program as far as more work at the start of the cycle, and way less at the end. Since we are just starting this cycle now is a great time to throw some of that type of thing in. But on week 7 and 8 it would not be appropriate. And accessory work should never make up more than 20% of the workload even at the start of the program.

  • Zac Baston (@zacsbarbellclub)

    Worked up to 3 sets of 90. This is a pretty tough complex, but a nice day of lighter volume.

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