Tuesday, May 26th PendlayWOD


Power snatch 75% for 4 sets of 3

press from split 30% (of best military press) for 3 sets of 5

post weights


4 responses to “Tuesday, May 26th PendlayWOD

  • Kevin

    Coach Pendlay,
    When calculating weights for power versions of the lifts should I use my best classic lift or my best power version? For example, if my best classic snatch is 100 and my best power snatch is 85, would I set 75% at 75 or 64? Also, is the procedure the same for cleans, c&j, jerks?

    I have read to base percentages off of classic lifts for all supplemental exercise (for eg; power snatch, hang snatch, etc. are based off of my best classic snatch while power cleans, squat cleans, jerk from stands, etc. were all based off of my best c&j), but recently was told by a friend that this is not correct. Thanks.

  • Joe

    70kg power snatch
    50kg press in split
    (I hate powers!!)

  • Jared Townsend

    135# power snatch
    50# press from split

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