Thursday May 28th PendlayWOD



Power clean 75% for 3 sets of 3

Press from split 40% of your best military press for 3 sets of 5


3 responses to “Thursday May 28th PendlayWOD

  • Jared Townsend

    205# power cleans
    75# press from split
    4000m row 18:30

  • glennpendlay

    nice job. that row is pretty fast, a bit faster than i can go. my best time for 5k is about 21 min. i have been getting faster on the 2k lately though…

    • Jared Townsend

      Thanks! I was on pace to row 1 million meters on the year but fell off a little after 4 months and 370k. I did a basic 4 month linear progression cycle of powerlifting (grey skull) with rowing. Got pretty dang strong. Wanting to transfer some of that to weightlifting. Looking to do a meet in July. Then we have the Oregon Games (Crossfit) in August. So I’ll throw in skill work here and there (muscle ups, double unders, pistol squats, handstand push ups, etc.) but my main focus is getting some big numbers as a weightlifter.

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