Monthly Archives: June 2015

Wednesday July 1st PendlayWOD


Go walk your dog.  He or she will appreciate it!  If you are going stir crazy don’t worry, the de-load week is almost over.

Tuesday June 30th PendlayWOD



The second day of our de-load week, get a sweat going but don’t do anything too intense.  How about a 2k row?  Even if you arent a aerobic animal, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of moderate effort, and it might pay off when we start doing timed sets again!

post your time.

Monday June 29th PendlayWOD



With our competition done, it is time for a reload week.  Lets start out nice and easy, with 3 sets of 5 on the back squat at 60%, then a nice and easy 1 mile run.

post weight and time.


Saturday June 27th PendlayWOD



Competition day.

post attempts and any PRs that you might make.  Good luck!

Friday June 26th PendlayWOD


Warm up, stretch, and maybe do a few reps with 40kg (35kg if you are female) and then just rest and relax.  Make sore your weight is right and get a good nights sleep





Thursday June 25th PendlayWOD



Just loosen up and stretch out, and maybe do some work with the employ bar.  competition is Saturday and you should be feeling very rested by now.  Make sure you get a little extra sleep tonight, because often the night before a meet lifters have trouble sleeping, do make sure you sleep plenty tonight.

Wednesday June 24th PendlayWOD


snatch 60% x3x3

clean and jerk 60% x3x3

front squat 80% x3

competition this saturday!

Tuesday June23rd PendlayWOD


Stretch out, loosen up, and go home and REST.  Comp is Saturday…

Monday June 22nd PendlayWOD

lance frye

snatch 3 singles with 70%

Clean and jerk 3 singles with 70%

Back squat 1×5 with 70%

Make sure you stretch good and also make sure your weight is under control.  5 more days!

Sunday June 21st PendlayWOD



Sunday, our day of rest.  Only six days to go till competition.