Thursday June 18th PendlayWOD


Easy day today.  Stretch out, warm up, get loose.  No real training today.  Tomorrow we go heavy on one lift, then we have an easy taper week next week.


4 responses to “Thursday June 18th PendlayWOD

  • Jared Townsend

    Well that bursitis put me out for a bit as far as any pressing was concerned. Was able to hit a few PRs though. 180# snatch, 245#x3 power clean, 375#x1 front squat, Went light yesterday and worked up to 215# jerks. Felt good enough. Then did BTNJ into OH squat. Elbow was weak at 215#. Taking magnesium and Apple Cider Vinegar to break up some of the calcium deposit at the tip of the elbow.

  • glennpendlay

    Injuries suck. Good job on the PRs though. will you be able to to go heavy next week after our short little taper?

  • Jared Townsend

    Definitely on the snatch. We’ll see on the jerk!

  • Jared Townsend

    Meant to mention Jon North trained at our gym the other day. He knows a few of the guys and lives a few hours away so he trains there when he’s in town. Missed him that time but he said he’ll be back. Hope to train with him next time.

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