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Saturday July 18th PendlayWOD

Ate out tonight.  Went to Ghengis grill.  Ate a ton!khans-rewards-img

Friday July 17th PendlayWOD


Today was a super busy day.  We had a seminar at MDUSA for school age lifters, and that took from 9am till almost 4pm.  Then we had to set up for the Summer Open, which is going on this weekend.  The kids who attended the seminar will lift tomorrow.  So it was a busy day, and will be a busy weekend.  But still  had the same breakfast as always (2 eggs, sun dried tomatoes, tortilla, ton of coffee), I had left over spaghetti meat sauce and zucchini for lunch, and supper was not one of my better suppers, just pork chops, corn, and broccoli.  A little boring but it did the trick.




Thursday July 16th PendlayWOD

zuchini and tomatoe sauce

I had to revive an old recipe tonight, zucchini  covered with spaghetti meat sauce.  I just cut the zucchini into 4ths lengthwise, and poured Hunts spaghetti sauce with crumbled hamburger on it.  The zucchini takes 6 minutes in boiling water, the sauce and hamburger take…  well heck everyone knows how long it takes to brown crumbled hamburger.  A very quick meal.

Wednesday July 15th PendlayWOD


Breakfast was the same as it always is. 2 eggs scrambled and mixed with a healthy amount of sun dried tomatoes (the kind that are packed in olive oil) and wrapped in a tortilla. Lunch was apples again, 3 of them today.  It is just hard for me to eat a decent lunch, so i usually pack several apples just in case.  But supper, now supper was epic!

I did kabobs again, but this time I did chicken.  Vidalia onions, baby bell peppers (orange and yellow), pepperoncinis, and cubes of chicken breast.  Everything got brushed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and then I drizzled some greek salad dressing over everything.

Oh yeah, I also boiled and then mashed up 2 large heads of cauliflower and then mixed them up with some cream and butter.  Add salt and pepper and they taste just like mashed potatoes.  I didn’t really believe they tasted the same, but they do.  Exactly the same!

But the kebobs were the star of the show.

Tuesday July 14th PendlayWOD

pork chops

So after the great kebobs yesterday I was not in the mood for another food adventure today and my meals were a little on the boring side.  Breakfast was 2 eggs with one slice of cheese and tons of hot sauce all rolled into a tortilla.  Which is which is what i eat for breakfast every day.  I washed it down with way too much coffee then had 4 apples from late morning to early afternoon.  What can I say, I love apples and they are very convenient to take to work with me.  I was super hungry for supper though, and had 2 pork chops, a big plate of broccoli (probably 3 oe 4 cups) and about 4 cups of frozen corn,

I am making big effort to stay “pale-ish” at least.  It was easy today, but i can already tell I need to think of a few more different meals to give myself some variety.

Monday July 13th PendlayWOD



All good things must come to an end.  I will no be publishing the PendlayWOD in the form that it has been these past 12 weeks.  Of course you can still follow it, and I hope you do!  That 5 day per week program is still available for only $8 per month with the discount code that I gave you last week  Just go to  if you want to continue with it.  I will be putting another workout on this blog, one that is not so weightlifting specific, as well as a food blog aimed at those who want to eat “paleo-ish”  as I call it and just be healthy and look good and feel good.  Here is a pic of the kebobs I fixed tonight just to set the stage for the new direction of this blog.

Sunday July 12th PendlayWOD

563373 27.07.1980 На пьедестале чемпион Олимпиады-80 - штангист Юрик Норайрович Варданян (СССР) (1956 г. р.). Соревнования по тяжелой атлетике в категории до 82,5 кг. XXII летние Олимпийские игры (19 июля - 3 августа). Виталий Савельев/РИА Новости

563373 27.07.1980 На пьедестале чемпион Олимпиады-80 – штангист Юрик Норайрович Варданян (СССР) (1956 г. р.). Соревнования по тяжелой атлетике в категории до 82,5 кг. XXII летние Олимпийские игры (19 июля – 3 августа). Виталий Савельев/РИА Новости

Sunday is not a lifting day, but you should so something.  I would recommend a run. Not too fast or too far, just something to get a good sweat going, maybe 2 or 3 miles?.

Saturday July 11th PendlayWOD

M105 James Moser 160 kg (352 lb) finished snatch

I always like Saturday morning, because that is the day we get to do heavy back squats!

Squats One set of 5 with your PR (-5%)

One set of push presses with your PR (-5%)

If you do any extra lower back work or abs, this is a good day to do it.

 PS, I said at the start of this cycle that it would be a little more strength biased.  And we will be starting deadliest Monday of next week!

Friday July 10th PendlayWOD


Snatch, 3 singles with 90%

Clean and jerk, 3 singles with 90%

If you are liking this program, I have a 20% discount code to share  “WOD20” will drop the $10 a month price down to $8!  That is good for this program only.  If you would like to try one of the other programs offered by MDUSA I have discount codes for them too, just ask in the comments.

Don’t forget to post your weights!


Thursday July 9th PendlayWOD


Today is a break from lifting, but not from training!  I told you guys we would start adding in more conditioning this cycle, so here it is!


Power cleans (225/135)

burped box jumps (30/24)

post time.