Monday July 6th PendlayWOD


Well we are starting our second 8 week training cycle.  For this cycle we are going to concentrate on strength.  So the programming will be slightly different from the last cycle.  Our weightlifting days will be Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, and Sat.  I will post workouts on the other 2 days though, but they will be very short conditioning workouts.  If weightlifting is your only game, there is no need to do them, but if yo u want to be healthy as well as look good naked, they will help with that.  I might also throw in some very short conditioning stuff on the days we lift.  I am really enjoying doing these PendlayWOD workouts, and I hope some of you guys are enjoying it also.  Here is the workout for today…

snatch 75% 10 lifts EMOM

clean and jerk 75% EMOM

back squat 3 sets of 5 at 80% of your best set of 5


8 responses to “Monday July 6th PendlayWOD

  • camilog75

    Thanks for the programs Glenn,

  • Matt H

    I can’t wait to do this program – it sounds awesome. Quick question, what is the difference between this program and the Pendlay WOD on trainheroic?

    • glennpendlay

      nothing really. but you do get a lot of extra stuff, like access to what other people are doing who are doing the same program. Actually, for $10 a month it is well worth the money.

      • Matt H

        I’m signed up there and will continue to be – even if using the variations from here. The light conditioning work has me intrigued…

  • Conor Heffernan

    Looks good. Can’t wait to try it out

  • philburm

    Snatch 70kg
    C&T 93kg
    Squat 116kg

    Thanks Glenn for posting thes workouts!

  • justin Baumgartner

    I’m finally healthy enough to actually follow programming. I’m a 40yr old 105+. I have a meet each month in July, Aug, Sept. I’m going to give this a go and use the 1st two meets as practice hoping to be ready to give it a full go in Sept to gauge what needs to be done in preparation for the American Open in Reno. I barely qualified with a 285 total, I hope to go into the AO witn a 300 total, if I can stay healthy I can do it. I’m looking forward to following your program. Thank you for providing it.

    Today: Snatch 100kg
    CnJ: 125kg
    Squat: 191kg

  • Greg Smith

    Great photo! I follow your post on weightlifting.
    You really inspire me to get out there.
    I really enjoy reading your recipes.

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