Monday July 13th PendlayWOD



All good things must come to an end.  I will no be publishing the PendlayWOD in the form that it has been these past 12 weeks.  Of course you can still follow it, and I hope you do!  That 5 day per week program is still available for only $8 per month with the discount code that I gave you last week  Just go to  if you want to continue with it.  I will be putting another workout on this blog, one that is not so weightlifting specific, as well as a food blog aimed at those who want to eat “paleo-ish”  as I call it and just be healthy and look good and feel good.  Here is a pic of the kebobs I fixed tonight just to set the stage for the new direction of this blog.


3 responses to “Monday July 13th PendlayWOD

  • Robbie

    Glenn I’ve been following your blog for a long time but only started your program a week. I’m going to follow it but unsure whether to purchase the pendlay wod or advanced mdusa prog. I normally have 1hr 15min to train and would call myself an intermediate to advance lifter. What you think? (Any discount codes?)

  • glennpendlay

    purchase the “PendlayWOD” and use the discount code WOD20. Good luck!

  • Prateek

    Was really entertaining to read your program!

    One thing: you were once a 170 kg lifter. How did you keep good mobility at that size?

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