Wednesday July 15th PendlayWOD


Breakfast was the same as it always is. 2 eggs scrambled and mixed with a healthy amount of sun dried tomatoes (the kind that are packed in olive oil) and wrapped in a tortilla. Lunch was apples again, 3 of them today.  It is just hard for me to eat a decent lunch, so i usually pack several apples just in case.  But supper, now supper was epic!

I did kabobs again, but this time I did chicken.  Vidalia onions, baby bell peppers (orange and yellow), pepperoncinis, and cubes of chicken breast.  Everything got brushed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and then I drizzled some greek salad dressing over everything.

Oh yeah, I also boiled and then mashed up 2 large heads of cauliflower and then mixed them up with some cream and butter.  Add salt and pepper and they taste just like mashed potatoes.  I didn’t really believe they tasted the same, but they do.  Exactly the same!

But the kebobs were the star of the show.


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