Monthly Archives: July 2015

Saturday July 11th PendlayWOD

M105 James Moser 160 kg (352 lb) finished snatch

I always like Saturday morning, because that is the day we get to do heavy back squats!

Squats One set of 5 with your PR (-5%)

One set of push presses with your PR (-5%)

If you do any extra lower back work or abs, this is a good day to do it.

 PS, I said at the start of this cycle that it would be a little more strength biased.  And we will be starting deadliest Monday of next week!

Friday July 10th PendlayWOD


Snatch, 3 singles with 90%

Clean and jerk, 3 singles with 90%

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Don’t forget to post your weights!


Thursday July 9th PendlayWOD


Today is a break from lifting, but not from training!  I told you guys we would start adding in more conditioning this cycle, so here it is!


Power cleans (225/135)

burped box jumps (30/24)

post time.

Wednesday July 8th PendlayWOD


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snatch from below knee for 10 singles EMOM at 77%

clean and jerk from below the knee for 10 singles EMOM at 77%

Front squat at 80 % of your best triple for 3 sets of 3

I know nothing has been too heavy yet.  This is the first week of an 8 week program, and it will get harder soon enough.

Tuesday July 7th PendlayWOD


Snatch pull + snatch + OHS  (2 + 1+ 1)*3

Try to get to about 80% of your best snatch.

Press from split 60% of your best military press for 3 sets of 5

Monday July 6th PendlayWOD


Well we are starting our second 8 week training cycle.  For this cycle we are going to concentrate on strength.  So the programming will be slightly different from the last cycle.  Our weightlifting days will be Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, and Sat.  I will post workouts on the other 2 days though, but they will be very short conditioning workouts.  If weightlifting is your only game, there is no need to do them, but if yo u want to be healthy as well as look good naked, they will help with that.  I might also throw in some very short conditioning stuff on the days we lift.  I am really enjoying doing these PendlayWOD workouts, and I hope some of you guys are enjoying it also.  Here is the workout for today…

snatch 75% 10 lifts EMOM

clean and jerk 75% EMOM

back squat 3 sets of 5 at 80% of your best set of 5

Saturday July 4th PendlayWOD



Get up tomorrow morning, and go run or row 5k.  Slowly.  Then pig out on BBQ and hot dogs and hamburgers and corn on the cob and other wonderful stuff.