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This morning I had the race against Veronica that I have mentioned a few times on this blog.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous before the race, Holley Mangold in particular had me a little worried by telling me about how tough Veronica was, and that she would do ANYTHING to keep from losing.  But I stuck to my game plan and was able to win.

I think Veronica was actually ahead for about the first thousand meters, but after that I pulled ahead and ended up finishing about 30 seconds before her.  My time was 7 min 24 seconds.

My plan was to try to keep a 1.55 pace until the last 500, then if possible try to speed up.  This was based off my previous 2k PR which was 7 min 39 seconds.  I was hoping to beat that, but I didn’t think I would be able to beat it by much, if at all.

Right at the start I found I was rowing faster than I had planned to.  After the first 5 or 6 strokes I was at a 1.45 pace, I tried to slowly decrease the speed but stroke after stroke even though I was trying to let off the gas a little I stayed near a 1.48 or 1.49 pace.  By the 1000 meter mark I was really worried about having started too fast, but I was able to keep the pace faster than the 1.55 I had planned on.  As usual the third 500 meters was the hardest, but when I hit the last 500 meters  was actually able to speed back up a little, and I was holding a 1.48 pace when I crossed the finish line.

I think my race strategy was about as good as I could have done.  But my training the last 2 0r 3 weeks is what really made the difference.  I had been rowing every morning, then running over lunch, but I decided to start training morning, noon, and again in the evening.  I woke up every morning the last few weeks and rowed intervals, then at noon I ran (usually 2.5 miles), then in the evening I did more intervals, often doing 10ea 250 meter intervals with 1 min ret in between.  Those are TOUGH.

Seven days prior to race day I started tapering by cutting out the evening workout.  Then for 2 days prior I did no rowing or running, actually no training of any kind.  I think the taper and the 2 days of complete rest worked really well, because I did a “test” 2k 5 days prior to the race in 7.58 and it about killed me.  I felt SO much better on race day after the taper.

It feels good to make a plan, and have things work out perfectly.

Tuesday, October 27th




This has been a difficult week of training.  I have a 2k C2 Rowing contest on Saturday, so I have been trying to put in some extra work on the rower, but still keep up with my running.  This means for a while I was getting up early to do intervals (frequently 10ea 500 meter intervals with 1 min rest between) then running at lunch, then doing more rowing at night.

I am done with that part of my training at this point, so no more really high volume stuff.  At this point I am just rowing in the morning, and running at lunch.  Only two more days of that, actually, as I will not row or Thursday or Friday of this week, although I might still run on Thursday.   I am actually pretty nervous about the Rowing competition Saturday with Veronica (Jareds GF).  Something like this is so different than what I am used to that I really have no clue how to peak for it.  I have been rely;ing on my friend Jim Storch to help with that, but doing something this different is still a bit scary.

I included a picture of my new running shoes with this blog.  Since I am running around 3 miles a day now, I have to buy few shoes about every 4 weeks.  Anyone who knows me will know how hard it is for me to buy new shoes that often.

But, once this rowing thing is over I am leaving for the OTC for the pre-worlds camp, will be there for 2 weeks, then it is on to Houston for the world championships to watch Travis Cooper, Jared Fleming, Caine Wilkes, and Holley Mangold compete for Team USA.

Once that is over, it will be back to my normal boring life.

Rowing and more rowing.



After my 5k run on Sunday, I woke up Monday morning and decided to give a 5k row another shot.  I managed to do it in 20 min and 12 seconds, a pretty decent PR and very close to my goal of 20 minutes flat.  I believe that I am going to have to do some intervals this week, because it would be very hard mentally to keep doing hard 5k’s every day.  I think 10ea 500 meter intervals might work!

Another 5k.

I ran my second 5k this morning.  My time was 34 minutes and 22 seconds, which is a little slower than what I wanted.  It is a little faster than my last race, but I was aiming for something a little closer to 32 minutes.  Oh well, it is about a minute and a half faster than I have done before, and in a few weeks I am sure my next one will be better.

The race was in Uptown Charlotte, and started right in front of the Nascar hall of fame,as you can see in the picture.  That is Kasey Kahne’s car behind me, and the race raised raised money for Novant Health Hemby Childrens Hospital.

I need to focus more on my rowing for the next couple of weeks anyway.  I challenged Veronica (Jared Flemings girlfriend) to a 2k rowing contest last night.  I plan to continue running 2.5 miles every afternoon, but for the next couple of weeks I am going to row a 5k each morning before work.  The race is supposed to happen on Halloween day.

I really, REALLY want to beat Veronica.





A little rowing.


I have really been concentrating on running lately.  I just ran my first 5k a couple of weeks ago, and I am planning on another one next weekend.  On top of that, I just had my bike tuned up, and have started riding it to work which has been a change of pace and actually made me a little sore for a while.  But we had a weekend seminar at MDUSA this weekend, and it has been raining lately and between getting up about 3o min early for the seminar and the rain,  I did not run or ride this weekend.  I probably needed the rest but this afternoon I was feeling a little lazy so I decided to try and row a good time for a 5k.

My old PR for a 5k row was 21 min 15 sec, and  today I rowed a 5k in 20 minutes 42 seconds.   I stuck pretty close to a 2.o5 pace the whole way, and I definitely think a 20 min flat 5k is doable at this point.  In fact I think if I went back to rowing a 5k once a week for the next 2-3 weeks it wouldn’t be that hard.

I guess I will see this weekend if all this cross training pays off with a new 5k running PR…


A little variety.

I recently went out and got my 22 year old bike brought back into working condition.  My idea is to ride insstead of running a couple of days a week.  I am starting to get a little soreness in my left hip from running close to 4 miles a day, and it worries me.  I am 44 years old, and one of my high school friends who I used to lift weight with just went through a hip replacement.  Now he was a serious runner, who ran far more than I do, and did it for a lot of years, but the fact that people that I know, who are my age, are having problems like that kind of make me want to not continue to do something that might cause problems.20151002_211736

Of course I am still going to run, I am already planning my next 5k, but I might try to replace it with a bike ride 2 days a week to limit the wear and tear on my body.  So far I am only riding my bike to work, which is about 2 miles each way.  And so far, it is killing me!  Definitely harder than I remember from childhood.  I am sure that I will come to enjoy it after a few weeks, but so far riding to work stinks!