Jared Fleming


Jared Fleming did what every weightlifter wishes they could go back in time and accomplish, he started at age 10.  And he did not start in a haphazard way, his dad took him to Jim Storch for coaching.  Storch became his first coach, and continued with him until he was12 years old.  Jared still has a ton of respect for Storch, and mentions him frequenttly even today.  At age 12 Jared’s dad took over coaching duties, and continued to coach Jared until he graduated high school.

Starting early and getting great coaching early certainly paid off for Jared as he won Schoolage Naionals that first year at age 12.  He took second the next year, then reeled off a long string of first place finishes that lasted till he ended his school age career.  He also broke the school age record in the snatch and the total.  During this time Jared also played soccer with a Elite traveling squad and wrestled for a year. One interesting thing is throughout this time Jared never trained more than 3 times a week!  Hard to believe in an age where every crossfitter with 6 months experience is training twice per day, but Jared managed to win 5 Schoolage National titles, 3 Junior National Titles, and an American Open title, and was on 2 Junior World teams training only 3 days per week.

Jared attended LSUS right out of high school, training in Louisiana under Kyle Pierce, Jared continued to win.  He racked up a few more victories and accolades while at LSUS.  He made another Junior World team, won another Junior National title, another American Open title, won 3 University National titles, made the senior World Team 2 times (the first time as a junior lifter) and won his first National title, and broke 2 Junior and 1 university national record.  While at LSUS Jared upped his training to 5 times per week, and got a TON stronger.

Currently Jared trains at MDUSA coached by Glenn Pendlay, with his dad still offering advice and helping out at competitions.  Training at MDUSA seems to agree with him, as he has upped his total 16 kilos within his first year in South Carolina.   Since being at MDUSA he has upped his training to 9 sessions per week. During his stay at MDUSA he has won yet another American open and National title, qualified for another world team and broke his first senior american record with a 170kg anatch. Everything seems to be in order for a great World Championships showing.

Here is a look at Jareds workout log.  This is about 4 weeks prior to the 2015 World Champioships in Houston.


1. Snatch sotts press – 50-2×3

2. Snatch – 110-2×1, 130-2×1, 140-2x1x, 150-1, 160-1 (94%), 150-1

3. CJ – 170-1, 180-1, 190-1 (96.4%)

4. Clean Pull – 200-3, 210-3, 215-3

Typically do 2 training sessions on monday with snatch and snatch accessories in the morning and Cj and cj accessories in the afternoon. Just arrived in Houston for a training camp and we only have gym access for 1 training session.

Accessories for back health

1. 1 leg RDL – 30kg – 2×8 per side

2. Suitcase deadlift – 60-2×8 per side


1. Snatch Balance + OHS – 150-1/1, 160-1/1, 170-1/1 (100% of Snatch)

2. Front Squat – 200-3, 215-3

3. RDL – 150-3, 170-3, 190-3

Accessories for back health

1. Lunges (opposite leg then I jerk with) – 70-5, 90-5, 100-5

2. 1 arm walking deads – 20lbs – 2×13 steps per side


1. Snatch – 130-1, 140-1, 150-3×1

2. Snatch Pull – 160-3, 170-2×3

Normally have 2 sessions on Wednesday but I was still in Houston for part of the world training camp so we only had 1 session then had to rush to the airport. Typically I snatch and snatch pull in the morning and do Cj and clean pull in the afternoon.


1. Back Squat – 210-3, 230-3, 240-3* 

*240 is the heaviest Ive squatted since injuring my back in 2013.

2. Jerk Recoveries – 200-1, 220-1

3. Good Morning – 80-3×5

Accessories for back health

1. Lunges (opposite leg then on jerk) – 80-5, 100-5, 110-5

2. Long stretch session in sports medicine


Morning Training

1. Snatch Sotts Press – 50-2×3

2. No hook snatch – 120-1, 130-1, 135-1, 141-1x, 142-1 PR no hook snatch

Afternoon training

1. Snatch – 124-1, 134-1, 144-1, 154-1, 164-1x, 167-1x, 160-1

Normally would do Cj and Clean pull after Snatching but tweaked my wrist on final snatch at 160.


1. Front Squat – 190-3, 200-3, 210-3, 220-3 PR

2. RDL – 170-3, 185-3, 200-3

3. Stretch


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