Kathleen Winters


Kathleen Winters

Kathleen Winters is 22 years old, and began weightlifting when she was 19.  She has had quick rise in the sport, in fact she might be the least training experience of anyone on this years World Team.  Kathleen is coached by Steve Gough and resides in Montana, where she has resurrected Steve’s old team, Team Montana.

Steve was her first, and so far, only coach.  Kathleen was formerly a high level gymnast, although she is quick to point out that she never made it to the “elite” level in that sport.  She competed in gymnastics from age 2 to age 14, and when she gave up gymnastics, she very quickly found a new activity, Crossfit.  Initially her only interest in weightlifting was as something to help her get better at Crossfit, but her mother decided to enter the world masters games and to qualify she needed a total in a weightlifting meet.  She trained for the meet, but unexpectedly broke her foot the week before.  Since plans had already been made, and the entry fee paid, Kathleen decided to just take her mothers place at the meet.

Kathleen did well at the competition, well enough in fact to qualify for Junior Nationals, the American Open, and Nationals all at once.  After that she started training seriously for the next national meet on the calendar, the 2012 American Open.  Kathleen did well at the Open, totaling 147 which was good enough to earn a Bronze medal in the 53kg class.

While Kathleen had been Crossfitting, Steve had come to the gym where she trains frequently to coach weightlifting classes, so picking him as her coach made sense.  Having discovered that weightlifting was something she was good at and could compete in at a high level she continued to train with Steve Gough about twice a week, he drives down to her gym to watch her biggest training session on Wednesday and Saturday and on the other days she trains alone.

She competed in the next Junior Nationals as a 53kg lifter also.  She earned silver medal at Juniors, and did well enough to qualify for the Junior World team.  She totaled 159kg at Junior Worlds, enough to earn 12th place.  A few months later, she also made the Junior Pan Am team, where she got 2nd place with a 160kg total.  She competed in the 2013 American Open, but unfortunately she bombed out.  Kathleen took some time off after that bomb out, but came back strong for the 2014 nationals, totaling 165kg and placing second.  After Nationals Kathleen got extremely sick which caused her to lose a lot of weight, and force her into the 48kg class.

The new weight class has worked well, she won nationals in 2015 and made the senior World Team.  Kathleen will be competing in Houston in November of 2015 representing the USA at the first Weightlifting World Championships held in the USA in 40 years.

Here is an out like of Kathleen’s training program


front squat, work up to a max double  ( she makes a new PR about once a week)

snatch up to a max for the day (if she feels good, this might be a PR, if not it will always be at least 90%)

clean and jerk up to about 80% for 5 singles


snatch to at least 90%

clean and jerk 10 singles at around 70%


front squat to 90% to 95% for 2 doubles

max effort snatch

max effort clean and jerk

then max snatch again

she sometimes snatches more the second time than the first

then if she is feeling really good, she might take 10 or 15 minutes, then snatch for a third time

Thursday is usually a rest day but sometimes might do a crossfit workout on Thursday, but nothing heavy


front squat to max double

snatch to about 90%

clean and jerk to 85% roughly


snatch to max

clean and jerk to max

go back down to around 85% for 5 to 8 singles on clean and jerk

max snatch again

Sunday  rest


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