Jessica Lucero


Jessica Lucero is a 26 year old weightlifter from Florida, and found the sport though the Florida high school program.  Danny Carmargo was her first coach, and he actually worked at her high school in a city funded after school program.  Jessica used to train for the high school sport (which is bench press and clean and jerk) during the school day, then start working with Danny right after school.

She describes her program during that time as very basic, just the competitive lifts and the power versions and squats and pulls 5 days a week.  Jessica says she always had problems doing lifts in competition that she had done in training, and shis is one of the reasons she rarely finished in 1st place.  But in spite of a long like of 2nd and 3rd  place finishes, she continued to improve her total.

Jessica lifted as a 53kg lifter in high school, but became a 58 lifter while going to Northern Michigan for college for now year.  After leaving Northern Michigan, she moved to Idaho for a year, and trained with Michael Conroy.  Eventually she was offered a resident spot at the the training center in Colorado Springs, and she took it.  She trained at the OTC for almost 2 years. then moved to California to train at Catalyst athletics in for a year, then moved back to Florida to live with her parents.

At that point she met her husband and moved with him to Colorado.  She is currently living in California again, staying with her husbands family so that she can train full time.  Jessica has medaled in almost every national meet in 2013 and 2014, but 2015 is her first time winning Senior Nationals.  It was at that meet where she qualified for the World team.

Jessica says that strength has come easy for her, but self confidence and the mental side of the sport has been more difficult.  But she says that her present coach, Aimee Anaya-Everet has been a big help with mental preparation, and she feels that she is in a very good place right now with a lot of self confidence.


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