Being a Beginner.


No one wants to be labeled a beginner. No one wants to do a beginner program.  But skipping agead to an intermediate or advanced program WILL NOT make you progress faster.  In fact it will slow down your progress, and could even decrease your long term potential for attaining a high total.

The first 6 months of your weightlifting career are when you should be building good motor patterns that will last throughout your career.  These months are also when you will build most of the work capacity that will become so valuable in the years to come.

The beginner period is one of the most difficult periods in terms of training intensity.  You will be doing a TON of work.  In my X-Files program the only athletes who have ever thrown up have been on the beginner program.  This has not happened on the intermediate or advanced program.  The whole training program is fast paced and a high workload, but the beginner program is definitely HARDER than the other programs.

The drop-out rate is high, but if lifters can make it through the first 4 weeks they usually are able to stick with it for the long term and become intermediate lifters, and even advanced lifters.  They and up winning, first on the local level, then the national level.

Do you have what it takes?




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