Monthly Archives: December 2016

Christmas Camp.



So the official start date was December 3, but somehow that got changed to December 2, still not quite sure how. and the first athlete showed up on the 1st!  I suppose I could have let everyone take a day or two to get acclimated and rest from their flight or flights or their drive but I though that seemed like kind of a waste of time so we got started immediately.  Friday as folks got here we did some hip extensions in the first workout, then did snatch and clean from the hip in the evening workout.  Saturday morning we did snatch in morning to warm up, then did a max front squat then finished with isometric holds with a snatch grip.  On Sunday we did snatch pulls with bands, and maximum effort on the muscle snatch.

Monday AM we did power snatch up to a max, then cleans with 80% and finished with back extensions.  I was really surprised by how strong some of these guys are at back extensions in face Christian might be the strongest buy I have ever seen at that exercise!