Willpower weightlifting club

We did a small seminar in Wales on Saturday at Willpower weightlifting club.  We set this one up at the very last minute but I was really just as interested in meeting the owner, Justin Holly, and eating one of his meals as I was in doing the seminar.  I had heard from Shankle that this man could cook and it turns out he was right!  I got there Friday night and Justin cooked us a 7kg rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, and potatoes that were roasted to perfection.  Justin threatened to also make peas but they never materialized. But even without peas the meal was among the best I had ever eaten.  I simply don’t know how that rib roast could have possibly been better.

The lifting was a mix of really great lifters and total beginners.  Jordan Sakkass, Welsh junior champion and commonwealth youth champion was probably the best with lifts of a 145 snatch from blocks and a 170ish clean and jerk at age 17.  There were 4 other lifters from Willpower who were very nearly at the same level.  There were also several other lifters who also trained at Justin’s club who were more beginners.  In fact one of them did his very first snatch during the seminar, he had come mainly for the programming lecture so that he could apply some of the ideas to his powerlifting training.  For a seminar that was set up basically in 36 hours I think it went pretty well.  Especially that rib roast and the Yorkshire pudding…



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