Second City CrossFit

My last seminar (at least the last one on this trip) was in Birmingham at Second City CrossFit.  The drive from Wales to Birmingham was less than 2 hours and we stayed the night at Seb’s mothers house.  The fact that we stayed only about 5 minutes from the seminar allowed us to sleep a little late and this is always welcomed when you are doing two seminars back to back the same weekend.  Second City CrossFit is one of the biggest, most spacious boxes I have been in, even being larger than most in the US.   I also loved the fact than they had a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy penned up in a little kennel in the front of the gym.  I know right away that I am going to love a gym if there is a cool dog running around.

Where the seminar before this one had a mix of advanced lifters and complete beginners, this seminar had more intermediate lifters.  Since this is the group I get the most satisfaction out of coaching i had a really good time here.  I also felt really good about the fact that several of the attendees seemed to really understand the concepts and make big strides while we were going over snatch pull technique.  All in all this seminar was a success!


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