Why teens can’t get huge and jacked

teenagers would seem to have every advantage possible when it comes to gaining muscle.  Their schedules are not exactly taxing or strenuous.  Most are in high school or the first year of college, and and let’s be honest, once you are out in the real world for a few years you realize how good ou had it back in high school.  An easy schedule, low stress levels, and a hormone soup running through their veins that any adult would have to pay a lot of money to equal.  Yet they still usually manage to get from age 15 to 18 with no appreciable gains in strength or muscle.


Access to the correct information is not the problem, today’s teens have more access to information on how to get big and strong than ever before.  In fact, they might actually have to much information.  The problem is, they can’t stick with any one plan long enough for it to work.   The high school students of today have grown up in the digital age, and WAITING is not something they do well.  But even in this modern age, humans still analog body they have had for millennia.


Our body is only capable of adapting a little bit at a time.  We adapt to a stimulus that is slightly more stressful than what we have encountered in the past by adapting to a higher level of function.  If the stimulus (the workout) is too stressful, we don’t adapt to a higher level, rather we can barely fight back to baseline.  If the stimulus is too weak, there is also no positive adaptation.  The stimulus has to be JUST RIGHT.  Then it has to be repeated hundreds, maybe thousands of times.  Each workout causes a tiny, tiny little adaptation, and it is only by repeating this process again and again over a long period of time (often years) that an athlete is able to go from a 300 pound squat to a 500 pound squat.


And this is why there are so few teenagers squatting 500 pounds.  They have every possible advantage, except patience.  And as it turns out, patience is absolutely necessary.


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