These days it seems that everyone is bragging about their workouts on social media.  Folks can’t wait to tell you about the EPIC workout they had last night.  It was, well, EPIC.  They survived unbelievable pain and suffering, and were even able to snap a nice picture of the sweat angel they left on the floor.  The only problem is, one especially hard workout isn’t doesn’t really help you get your squat up.  What does help you get your squat up is a workout that is just a tiny bit harder (or heavier) than the last one.


Easy workouts won’t help, but neither will workouts that are epic in their difficulty.  They need to be in the Goldilocks zone, neither too easy nor too hard.  Difficult enough to cause an adaptation, but not so difficult they can’t be recovered from and adapted to.  They need to be just right.  Workouts that are just right won’t make you a hero on social media but they will make your snatch and your squat go steadily upward.  The best way to stay in this zone is by employing slow progression.  Progression because the workload has to rise over time to give the body a reason to adapt, but slow progression because the human body can only adapt at an extremely slow pace.  Trying to speed things up only overwhelms the body and leads to no adaptation at all.  The only problem is, telling folks that your squat workout last night was medium hard won’t get you a lot of followers on Twitter




One response to “Goldilocks

  • adampulman

    Heartily agree with this Glenn. We do not need to push the limits of our capability to increase our capability, but we do have to increase the limits of our capability if we want to push them. Might not be sexy or popular, however it seems, from experience, to be what results in the greatest long term gain.

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