Summer Weightlifting Camp


One of the lifters coming to the camp this week ask me what to expect.  My answer is, the same type of training I have used for years.  When the lifters show up, we are going to jump right in and train heavy.  I use a wide variety of exercises but they are usually variations of the competitive lifts, and we almost always go as heavy as possible.  So snatches from the hip, the knee, and the floor as well as cleans or clean and jerks from those positions.  We will also do complexes consisting of one snatch or clean pull plus one snatch or clean and jerk.  We might add in snatches or cleans with a pause, or snatch or clean pulls with a slow negative.


For most of the lifters this camp will consist of 14 or 15 training sessions consisting of at least 10 different exercises.  If this camp is anything like previous camps there will be multiple PR’s set every single workout.  And one thing that always surprises the athlete, while they will feel like crap by day three or four, they will keep performing and keep making PR’s.


Even at the Christmas camp, which was a full two weeks, athletes were still making new PR lifts right up until the last day.  Whether they felt good or bad, they were often able to perform maximal lifts when asked.  Jon North used to say that this was what he liked about me as a coach, the fact that I did not put limits on him as an athlete.  He was right about that, and the reason I don’t is I don’t know when a lifter will have a huge day and when they will have a terrible day.  I might suspect that they are tired and wont lift well, or I might suspect that they will be strong that day, but I don’t know for sure.  And the only way to tell for sure is to warm up and try it.  So twice a day for the next 7 days we will be trying to make new  PR’s.     Wish you could be here!


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