Don’t Stand When You Can Sit

The summer weightlifting camp just started today, and my house is already filled with napping weightlifters.  Many people look at naps as a sign of laziness, but for a hard training athlete naps and just generally learning to take it easy is absolutely crucial.  None other than Paul Anderson said that a lifter should never stand when he could sit, never sit when he could lay down, and never lay down when he could sleep.  And Anderson seemed to know what he was talking.  He won Olympic gold and become the strongest squatter in history.

If you are not willing to rest and recuperate, training hard is a waste of time.  This camp is a great break from the real world of job’s, responsibilities, kids, etc.  It is a week in a make believe world where an athlete can focus on themselves and approach life and each day of training as if they were a professional athlete with nothing to do but train and recuperate.

I really believe  most lifters really need an experience like a training camp at some point in their career.  Not that you are going to make enough progress in the 1 or 2 weeks of the camp to propel yourself to the top of the rankings.  You won’t.  What you might do is learn how hard you can push yourself and what your real limits are.  and that is far more valuable.5961860-orig_orig


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